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Usb Wireless Adapters.?

I know there are already similar questions to what I am going to ask but there is still things I am confused about so bare with me. I want to buy a laptop and have just found out about wireless usb adapters. Not entirely sure how it works though. I have a desktop computer with a router but it's not a wireless router. If i get a laptop and use a usb wireless adapter will I get internet?

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    I know what you mean, here is what exactly you need to do:

    Making the Wireless Home Network Connection in Windows XP Without a Router

    its called ad hoc

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    The wireless USB adapter will let you pick up a WIFI (wireless connection) signal given out from a wireless router, therefore you will need to have a wireless router to get the internet on your laptop without wires.

    Does your laptop already have wireless built in? If it does already you will not need the wireless USB adapter you just need a wireless router.

    So, the wireless USB adapter basically lets you pick up wireless signals from a wireless router (lets you pick up WIFI signals)

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    Wireless n adapters enable a short-range Wi-Fi connection that allows several laptops to connect to the Internet through a single wireless access point, or to share files with other laptops and devices on the network. Wireless networking has added a degree of flexibility and connectivity for both business and personal use that was, until recently, unthinkable. The technology allows for fast and easy setup of a relatively simple network in the home or one that is widespread throughout a business. Further, it does it all without the expensive and inconvenient infrastructure associated with a wired network.

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    1) Usually new laptops come with wireless capability already built-in, so you probably won't need to attach a wireless usb adapter to it. If you want your desktop to be wireless, you'll need to purchase a USB adapter for your desktop.

    2) For you to have a wireless connection, you'll need either

    a. Wireless router, desktop, and wireless usb adapter or

    b. Wireless router and laptop

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    You need a router like a BT wireless router to attach to the computer or you can buy a non-BT one on ebay as well as the usb adaptor which it will link in to and then you can use your laptop anywhere in the house or even two laptops as long as they both have usb adaptors.

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    You won't be able to get wireless unless you live near a "hotspot" i.e. someone who lives near you who has wireless (I never told you that lol) You will need to get broadband to set up wireless lan in your home ,however you can get on the internet through your router with an ethernet cable atached to your laptop

    Hope this helps


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    not wireless net you need a wireless router for the usb to conect to wirelessy

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