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Where can I find an adult amateur choir in my area that I can join?

I was a singer throughout my entire school career and now that I'm out of college, I don't sing anymore because I don't have a group to do it with. I've tried searching online but all I find are religious groups to sing with that require you to sing at their services, which I'm not interested in. Are there any ways I can find an adult choir for amateurs/not professionals so that I can take up singing again?

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    I would contact the American Choral Director's Association. They can be reached at 405-232-8161. The ACDA is divided into divisions, so they could put you into contact with someone that works specifically in your state and would be knowledgeable about opportunities for community choirs in your area.

    I have put the link to the divisions part of ACDA and you could click your state and see what you can find there as well.

    Best wishes in finding a choir!

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