How do I learn by Osmosis?

I am very open minded and I do believe learning by osmosios could work... but how exactly would I go about doing so?

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    Learning by osmosis is a bit of a misnomer. Osmosis refers to something being equalized, such as the amount of salt in solution on two different sides of a penetrable membrane.

    You won't learn by simply having a book under your pillow at night. ;-)

    But you can learn by watching. Basically, shutting up, watching, listening and grasping what others are doing. Then, later ask questions about why.

    People learn by all sorts of methods - traditional school rooms, rote memorization, teaching, and watching/listening. The latter is the closest to learning by osmosis as you are absorbing what life offers you.

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    Learning By Osmosis

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    Osmosis is the movement from lower concentration to higher concentration, whereas difusion is the opposite movement, from the higher to the lower concentration.

    Allegorically, osmosis is an apparently effortless, gradual absorption of ideas, feelings, attitudes, etc.; often unconscious process of assimilation; picking up knowledge accidentally or spontaneously, without actually seeking that particular knowledge.

    An example of osmosis: learning a foreign language by osmosis is learning while residing in the foreign country, as opposed to studying it.

    Osmosis is learning by travelling, learning by doing and learning by simply being long enough in the presence of those that know stuff (learning from examples).

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    Osmosis is the method by which a cell absorbs water through the outer cell membrane via diffusion. The garfield comic is using that concept to say that garfield can learn what is in the books by pressing them on his skin and gaining the knowledge by absorbing it through his skin.

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    you do know that osmosis is the diffusion of water right? Its the movement from a high concentration of water to a low concentration.

    If so I take it that it means that if people around are talking about a particular subject it Will go into your head.

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    Osmosis said to Pharoah, "Let my people go!"


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    Squeeze a quarter-sized amount of knowledge into one hand. Massage the knowledge into your scalp until it forms a rich lather. Rinse hair until no knowledge residue remains. Repeat if desired.

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    Strap books to your head before you go to sleep. They will be absorbed through your hair.

  • go to ur local library look up books on how to get started or tne net

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