how can I prove traffic made my husband late?

My husbands commute normally takes 40-45 minutes, and he gets to work 30 min early every day. Yesterday he left at his normal time, but traffic was so bad that it took almost 2 hrs to get to work, and he arrived 40 minutes late!! He is new, and his supervisor is pissed off. He wants my husband to prove that traffic was bad, or he will get docked his holiday pay. How do we do this? Can we contact the CHP? If anyone has any ideas please let me know!!!

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    Look for news reports. If traffic was so bad that it took over twice as long to get to work there would be some news coverage. I like TV websites for such coverage as they tend to cover things quickly and they tend to leave them on their page for a while.

    I checked the CHP website at They list current issues, however I don't see any historical data.

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    Well, I would have to say that your husband has already been screwed out of his holiday pay. There is NO way to prove that traffic made you late. Not even with all the Department of Transportation cameras recording driving conditions along every highway and at many main intersections.

    I wouldn't recommend the CHP. Law enforcement officers are rather loath to render assistance in anything short of saving a life, a limb, or property, or making an arrest. Anythign else, like protecting someone's pay is so NOT within their list of high priorities that I doubt they'd even point you in the right direction.

    Again, it's the DOT, and their video recordings of traffic conditions. And in order to get that, you might actually have to get a subpoena, or something. Not being a Californian, I can't really say I know.

    But, contact them. Or an attorney. Or LOTS of attorneys.

    But, don't hold your breath.

    Good luck.

    BTW, the previous contributor's link MIGHT make your task easier, but, I like my link better :-)

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    CalTrans is responsible for real time monitoring of traffic on all Calif. highways,. I've never tried this before, but they may be able to provide you with some kind of archival information for the day in question.

    If the traffic conjestion was the result of a traffic collision on a freeway, the CHP will have been the agency that took the report. While CHP may confirm a TC for you, I suspect they will not provide you with any documentation (i.e.: copy of the TC report).

    Source(s): Retired S.Calif. Police Officer
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    Additionally, find another job because your husband's boss either is appropriately disciplining him, looking for reasons to discipline him or is very unreasonable. Any of these will likely end up in dismissal. It will be better for your husband to quit than for him to get fired.

    If your husband was the only person late that morning, this is peculiar and you should ask him about it. For obvious reasons, at my work, when one of us is late due to traffic, so are others.

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    Not sure bad traffic can be an excuse...his boss could most likely use others who were on time as an example that day who had to get there in the same traffic. Sucks I know, but that is life.

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    I hope he can, but don't know how you can do this. Did he call in during the commute to let them know he was in traffic?Hopefully, it won't happen again, but he may want to discuss with supervisor what he should do if it does.

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    normally this wouldn't happen after only 1 late ocurance...have your husband talk to the HR person at work.

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    traffic probably did not make you husbands late it was probably starbuck that made him late probably a venti late if he has 40 hour comute

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    Good luck. But as the boss would say I don't pay you for excuses I pay you to be here on time.

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