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What do you do if you see your son-in-law abusing your grandchildren? Verbally and with extreme punishments.?


extreme punishments include locking a 10 & 11 year old in a dog cage and putting them outside barefoot & in t-shirts at 28 degrees for 15 min. or more, also shooting them with an air pellet gun

Update 2:

My daughter has a PHD amd doesn't think it's abuse.

Update 3:

I don't have much faith in reporting him. He was reported 2 times by different people before and they were able to smooth talk their way out of it.

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    Well, it depends on your definition on Extreme punishment and abuse. First I would look up signs on abuse and child endangerment.

    If you feel this situation fits in these categories, you should contact Child Family Services to have them investigate. You can call anonymously.

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    Kick his *** lol.

    No on a serious note, does your daughter see it? Someone needs to really talk to one or the both of them. It will be hard for the kids when they get older with all of this going on. Either history will repeat itself with their children, OR they won't be well adjusted in life.

    Wise someone else up to this also that is close to them so they can watch for signs of other abuse in the future. It's a terrible situation because you don't want to look like the bad guy. Just look deep within yourself and find in you what you think is best. Don't even put in mind what your daughter or son in law will think. It's what's best for the kids.

    I wish you the best.. Sometimes you have to be aggressive and be mom, take charge and ask them what the HELL do they think they are doing. You aren't butting in at all if it's like you say.

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    The exact same way if you saw any other person abusing a child - report them to Child and Family services. If you haven't talked to your daughter, you need to do so immediately. Chances are very high that he's abusing her, also. If she won't do anything about their abuse, then you definitely need to - NOW. Do whatever it takes to protect your grandchildren.

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    act before he start punishing them physically, you need to tell him what you think about it, at least you will know you did something to stop it, talk to his wife and see what she thinks about it, maybe its not extreme, if it is you might want to let the child services know what is going on, children dint deserve to be abused.

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    Call child protection services, NOW. It's your duty.

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    i agree with kick his a** it happened in my family and we didn't want the kids taken away so my dad kicked his sissy little but and then he knew to stop or get his a** kicked every time.

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