Best way to earn RC experience in runescape

what is the best way to earn runecraft experience? my current way is to mine and craft earth runes, all in varrock. is it good?

i'm a non member


oh i go to aubrey

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    best way to earn runecraft exp:

    You can craft earth and mine rune in varrock? Anyway, if ur level is high, and you have many $$, you can do in this way:

    mine 2k ess, make them noted, bring all your $$, bring some unoted ess also, then go to any altars, sometimes you can craft many runes, after crafting it, you just need to trade to someone, you give him/her 25 noted ess and 2k, that ppl will give you 25 unoted ess. Continue like that.

    If you are poor, you find a altar that is the nearest to bank, and you go back and forth, continue.......

    my runecraft level: 1 ( pls dont laugh= =)

    cb level:59

    ac name: aricaching1

    Source(s): Myself and my exp
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