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What business-type Masters should I take?

I have a BS in Electrical Engineering. Now I want to further my education by learning the business side of things, no more technical stuff. I don't really want an MBA because most requires years of work experience and a very high GPA and GMAT. I might be able to do well on the GMAT, but my college GPA is not very good. What Masters program do you think will interest me, and what school should I apply to? I want to go somewhere in California, or around East Asia, but I'm pretty open to suggestions. Just not East Coast USA. Thanks!

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    In the US masters programs in business are limited outside of the MBA.

    If you were interested in Accounting i would say Masters of Accountancy at University of Texas, or UNC or VAnderbilt, or Notre Dame. but you want to stay in california, so i would say Masters of Financial Analysis at University of San Fransisco. Columbia has good masters of financial engineering and princeton has a good masters of finance program but they're east coast.

    Honestly, the best graduate business programs other than mba are in Great Britain at Oxford-Said, Cass, Warwick, and LSE.

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    MBA is the standard graduate business degree that will make one well rounded in all business aspects. While there are masters in speciality areas, they are fine-tuned for people who know exactly what they want to get into (and in many cases, are *already* working within). Some of these areas would include marketing, IT, finance, HR and accounting. When one takes a speciality business masters, they take few, if any, courses outside of their discipline (maybe one or two as electives, but that's it). Note also that there are usually prerequisites for speciality programs as a lot of them assume you have a bachelors in the business discplines. If you lack the prereqs, you will be expected to take the needed coursework first. In contrast, MBA programs normally don't have any coursework-specific prereqs.

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    You have alot of options, you can take Masters Program in the Asian Institute of Management like Masters in Entrepreneurship.They have a very good training and instructional program. Also, try university of Hong Kong of Science and Technology and the National University of Singapore. Just surfin the net for more info for the programs.

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    California State University, San Jose,

    CSU East Bay or other campus

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