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Sod Prices?

I am going to be laying sod in my yard in the next 12 months. When is sod at it's cheapest price? Does it have a "season" that sells the best (ie usually more expensive).

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    Sodding a landscape is always the most expensive way to get that perfect lawn. The reason being, sod farms spend money, time, and alot of effort growing it for wholesale and retail sales. They do all the work, and the consumer pays more for the finished and instant lawn. It's about 3 times as expensive as seeding a lawn, but alot less work too, providing you are not putting in a "new" lawn and just re-doing an existing lawn which is already been graded. The price stays pretty much the same depending on where you purchase the turf at. I haven't seen any "deals" on the stuff in many years. Sod farms start to harvest the sod when they can get their machinery on the fields in spring and go all the way to fall, which is the best time to sod a "cool" season lawn as well. "Warm" season lawns can be sodded anytime during the growing season (March-Aug). Hope this answers your question... Have a Happy New Year!....

    ...$Billy Ray$

    Source(s): 24yrs...landscape profession 2yrs...turf specialist 2yrs...tree & shrub technician 2yrs...greenskeeper (championship golf course) DPR licensed applicator Above titles..."Validated"
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  • 1 decade ago
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