What's The Name Of This Tv Show?

In the late 80's-early 90's i remember watching a tv show where friends settled disputes in a ring. They included pie throwing and grudge matches with huge boxing gloves. The winner with the most points won the dispute. I believe Michael Buffer was the announcer. Do you know the name of this tv show?


I'm not for sure if it had a judge or not. I think you're talking about 'Eye for an Eye' but it's not that. I also know it's not superfriends. I think it aired on NBC and was on at night on the weekend. It also had women who used water guns and buckets of all kinds of mess. It was kind of like an obstacle challenge to settle a disagreement outside of court.

Update 2:

Thanks for your help. I actually found my answer here:

"The Grudge Match" TV series 1991-1992


Always silly, sometimes even amusing little show that used to come on our worst local UHF affiliate randomly in the middle of the night. Contestants with a score to settle would agree to fight in the Grudge Match Arena. As I recall it, they usually started with a boxing or wrestling event with some odd handicap - boxing gloves the size of suitcases, or hitting each other with foam clubs while hopping around in stacks of inner tubes, for instance. There was always a messy event, too, usually the last one of the three in each show. These often involved food, which gave host Ventura lots of cracks to make about over-sized referee John Pinette. I remember seeing pie fights, condiment fights, even a donut fight. This show probably was inspired by 'Amer

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    In 1982, Buffer began his career as a ring announcer. By 1983, he was announcing all boxing matches promoted by Bob Arum’s Top Rank on ESPN, which gave him a national identity at a time when ring announcers were strictly locally hired talent.[4] By 1984, Buffer developed and was using the catchphrase “Let’s get ready to rumble” in his announcing, which gained enormous popularity. He began the process of obtaining a federal trademark and copyright for the phrase in the 1980s, which he acquired in 1992. By the late 1980s, Buffer was the exclusive ring announcer for all bouts in Donald Trump-owned casinos. Trump said of Buffer, “He’s great, he’s the choice, he has a unique ability… I told my people, ‘We got to have him’.”[5] Buffer’s work was also admired by many of the boxing greats. Sugar Ray Leonard once said, “When (Buffer) introduces a fighter, it makes him want to fight.”[6]

    Buffer’s fame has reunited him with long lost family members. In 1989, Buffer was contacted by his birth father after having seen him on television, who introduced him to his half-brothers.[7] In the mid-1990s, Buffer brought on one his half-brothers, Bruce, as his agent/manager. This grew into a business partnership to increase licensing productivity of the trademark.

    Michael Buffer is currently the announcer for all the HBO and RTL (Germany) boxing matches. He was formerly the announcer for WCW's and UFC’s main events.[8] His brother, Bruce Buffer, currently announces for the UFC.


    Until 2001, when the former wrestling organization World Championship Wrestling (WCW) existed, Buffer was the WCW-exclusive ring announcer for main-events featuring Hulk Hogan or other top WCW talent. The WCW’s former parent company Time Warner owned through their pay-per-view subscription division HBO, which broadcast many matches from promoter Top Rank, of which Buffer is the lead ring announcer. The exclusivity of his contract with WCW prevented Buffer from announcing for other wrestling-type organizations, forcing him to stop announcing for the UFC. However, when the WCW ceased to exist, and Time Warner had no more affiliation with professional wrestling, Buffer was enabled to announce in other wrestling promotions.

    On August 18, 2007, for the first time in more than six years, Buffer returned to pro-wrestling ring announcing duties at WWE Saturday Night's Main Event at Madison Square Garden in a boxing match between pro-boxer Evander Holyfield (who was substituting for Montel Vontavious Porter) and pro-wrestler Matt Hardy. At Arrmageddon a Royal Rumble commercial was relesed in which Buffer starts to use his famous catchphrase but then gets super-kicked by Shawn Michaels(Michael Hickenbottom).

    Other appearances

    During his career, Buffer has announced the World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Championships, and NFL playoff games. He has appeared on various talk shows hosted by Jay Leno, David Letterman, Arsenio Hall, and Jimmy Kimmel. He has also appeared on Saturday Night Live, In Living Color and Mad TV, and has been animated in The Simpsons, South Park, and Celebrity Deathmatch. He has played himself in various films including Ocean's Eleven and Rocky Balboa.[9][10] Buffer is currently the host of Versus' boxing retro show Legends of the Ring.

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    was there like a talk show host judge that sentenced people? If so thats more late nineties but I dont remember what is was called.

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    Yes it was the super friends and they were the wonder twins and they had a monkey for comedy relief.

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    i have no clue ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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