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Should 18 yr olds have a lock on their bedroom door?

I'm an 18 yr old male.

Tried not having a lock and wasn't having any privacy. Parents never knocked, when I was changing people would walk in, and all my friends have a lock, they actually got me a door knob with a lock for Christmas.

My parents strongly believe people don't need locks, (except for them). And it's all because I lock the door when I go to bed, or when I have friends over (only guys, mind you, not girls), or when I am changing.


I'm still a senior in High School, and I have a job at Best Buy and I also own my own business, Royal Tech (computer services, web design, logo/graphic design, home theater, etc).

I'm in marching band, I was the president of Business Professionals of America, I'm in DECA, and i'm also part of our Student Representatives. I have good grades, never in trouble.

It just doesnt seem to be enough to them, we always argue and I just like to be able to separate myself from them once a while. In August I will be going to college, so I will move out to a dorm or apartment.

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    First, it is your parent's house, so if they say no lock, then don't put it on. When you have a house, you can make the decisions and expect others to abide by your choices.

    Second, if you truly feel that you are getting no privacy, then you need to discuss this with your parents. Let them know that you are willing to keep the door unlocked, but that they must respect your adult privacy by knocking before entering. If they are willing to abide by this (and can do it -- old habits die hard) then you will have no further worries. If there are younger siblings which are compromising the issue, that should be addressed as well. If they are unwilling, then you should find a job and move out to a place where you can lock the door and nobody will bother you. That is the price of staying at home as an adult. You must learn to make compromises with the other adults.

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    If your 18 you should have a lock on your door. Im pretty sure your parents raised a good kid but there is a time in a mans life when he has to start feeilng ilke a man and not like a little kid anymore. I understand where you are coming from. Tell your parents that they can trust you and that you wont do anything that goes against how they raised you. You need your privacy. Tell them that it can be benefical for them as well, they dont want to walk in on you while your in the "middle" of something.

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    Well, It is really up to your parents. It is their house and their rules. Although they should always knock before they come in. It is a courtesy. Maybe have a talk with them and let them know that you deserve your privacy and would like it if they knocked before they came in. If this doesn't work maybe it is time to move out.

    I think parents have to know their children and make a decision based on the maturity of their children. I had a lock on my door growing up but I was always mature for my age and I had an older brother who would steal my things.

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    Theres got to be somemore info with this. are you working, are you in school, have you given them a reason notto trust you.

    sit them down and talk to them like a adult. maybe offer to pay a small portion of the rent.

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