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Borax for treating fleas?

My 5 month old puppy had fleas, I have used Frontline for my dog. But I have heard that Borax does something...any information on this would be grateful!!

Thank you!


I meant I had heard something about using Borax on my carpets and such.....not on my dog.

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    Borax is one of the best things in the world for a flea infestation.

    You sprinkle in under the couch cushions, between mattresses and protectors (or sheets, but that isnt advisable), under rugs, etc.

    It destroys fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, and nearly anything else. It is highly toxic and has no antidote since its not a poison-a small amount will easily kill a child or animal.

    Its one of the many things that 99.9% of the population has no business using.

    We also use it to get the meat off of turkey wings. You just pour borax all over them and leave them outside for a day or two-all the meat is gone and bone is clean. It should be a last resort, but an exterminator would be better.

    A protected dog and an exterminator is a much better route. Just be sure to vacuum after the spraying and either dispose of the bag or if bagless cut up a flea collar in the container and clean thoroughly.

    Source(s): Family in pest control, and Im NA-we use it extensively for other things.
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    Borax is a detergent and cleaner. NOT to be used on your dog at all.

    Stick with the frontline and clean your dogs bedding and anything else the dogs sleeps on in the Borax.

    Never put it on your dog!

    Oh good you scared me for a minute! lol I have never heard it to sprinkle on carpets either. I find a good flea powder and use that on your carpets. I know they make some specifically for this. Then vacuum it up and throw out the bag right away!

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    Borax is laundry detergent, read the box before you try using it dry on carpets or anywhere. Wash the dog's bedding with any detergent and hot water.

    Boric acid is a pesticide, you can sprinkle it under the house and in places a dog doesn't go, but read the label. It is toxic.

    Sevin dust is a safer pesticide for using around animals. But on the whole, the Frontline will eventually get rid of the fleas in your house and yard as well as from the puppy.

    Be careful about mixing treatments, for example using flea collars and powders along with the Frontline can cause a toxic overdose.

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    Well since fleas spend about 90% of their time off the dog and living in your carpets and bedding and such you need to treat the dog and then treat the house and bedding and carpets.

    I strongly recommend you find a product that you can safely spray on all of the home furnishings that kills fleas and their eggs.

    Eggs can sit dormant for a long time and then will hatch in the presence of a dog or cat. So treat the home several times and keep treating the pets as well.

    Source(s): I am a dog trainer
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    you can use the borax in your carpet and upholstry. That is actually where fleas nest.. they do not nest on your pets.. they nest in carpet, furniture and bedding.

    Sprinkle some on your carpet, then vaccuume up. I would leave some in my couch cushions too while treating fleas.. and also between mattress and boxsprings.

    I remember years ago we have fleas BAD.. they nested in the basement carpet.. everytime you went downstairs you were attacked. Mom did not beleive in using the advantage (or whatever was available then). We used the borax in the basement carpet, we would just leave it in the carpet, since none of the pets went downstairs. It actually did help, ALOT.

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    Sprinkle borax on the carpet,leave for acouple of days then vacumn.It kills the fleas by dehydrating them and is a good way to kill them without more insecticides

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    Yes, if you use Borax on your carpet it will smother the fleas. Not the eggs though, so you will have to do more than one treatment.

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    use Frontline, but in order to kill the fleas in your carpet, put Borax in your carpet-cover everything(carpet) vacume it out a day later-worked for me at least twice.

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    Borax doesn't do a damn thing. Just wash his bedding and keep using the Frontline (or consider Advantage which may work better for some people).

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    I would just stick with Frontline. It gets rid of all stages of the flea, so with continued use, it will do its job.

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