what Zoroastrianism is ??

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    The oldest organized monotheistic religion and once Iran's official religion which influenced Judaism,Christianity and Islam in their development

    The Persian prophet Zoroaster or Zarasusthra( possibly of a date sometime from 1200BC to 600BC) proclaimed the need of an ethical religion that supported the Good God,Ahura Mazda( The Wise Lord), in His battle with the Prince of Evil,Ahriman( Angra Mainu)

    . Other good spirits are associated with Ahura Mazda,such as Mithra ,Anahita and the Amesha Spentas or Seven Holy Immortals(Good Mind,GoodOrder,GoodDominion,Good Devotion,Good Wholeness,Good Immortality and Holy Spirit).There are also bad spirits and there is a '"contest' between the powers of Light and Darkness until the Last Judgement and the reordering of the universe with punishment in the Lake of Fire for the wicked who choose evil over good nasd cannot cross because of the weight of evil over the Chinvar Bridge of the Separator

    The Avesta,Gatha Hymns and other religious writings, are the holy writings of Zoroastrianism. The Magi of the Gospel may well have been Zoroastrian priests and fire is the most important sacred symbol of God since fire gives light( Cremation is forbidden,therefore, and burial of the dead in the ground is also condidered defiling of the earth;so ,many are put in unfoffed Towers of Silence)

    About 3/4ths of the world's Zoroastrians are in India(Parsees) and there are communities in Iran and in many cities through out thee world9There are many Parsees in the LA area of California)

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    It's the teachings of the prophet Zoroaster. Zoroastrians believe everything was created by their god called Ahura Mazda.

    Google it if you're looking for something specific.

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    It is a monotheistic religion founded by the prophet Zoroaster, in the 6 th century BC in Persia, and is still practiced in eastern Iran..!!

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    It is my favorite monotheist religion it believe a duel world and we all have the ability to choose which side we take Gods side good or "Satan's" side evil. This religion was told by Zoroaster hundred of years ago.

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    The worship of Zoroaster, of course :)

    Google it; it's a bit complicated.

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