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Why are the French highly regarded as cowards and losers?

I know the French surrendered very quickly to Nazi Germany in WW2, but other than that, are there other instances?


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    The French have been given a bum rap.

    Their soldiers are today among the toughest in the world, they make an astonishing array of advanced weaponry, and they have shown themselves to be utterly ruthless in combat.

    France in WWII demonstrated a famous epigram: Generals are always preparing to fight the LAST war. Generalship in the French military at that time was exceptionally poor, and as a result the strategic situation completely fell apart. While the Germans possessed some superior equipment, in fact much of the French arsenal was equal to or better than the Nazi materiel.

    There are many, many reasons why France collapsed so rapidly in WWII, but among them was NOT a lack of courage. Many French soldiers escaped to England and fought on valiantly during the war. The French fielded enough soldiers to lead the Allied battle parade through Paris, and then go on to spearhead a vicious fight for Strasbourg a short time later. The French "Maquis" or resistance fighters never quit.

    In WWI, when the German columns approached Paris in 1914, the French mobilized their forces in what appeared a hopeless situation - and delivered the lightly-armed men to the front in a fleet of taxicabs! They HELD.

    War weariness affected both the British and the French by 1916. The soldiers were being destroyed by ignorance, arrogance and outright stupidity of generals in both armies. Yet by the final year of the war, brilliant battle plans devised by British and French generals, aided with the immense boost given by hundreds of thousands of superbly-equipped fresh American forces, enabled the Allies to at last triumph over the German Army. While Germany was defeated more at home than on the field (starvation, civilian unrest, disgust with the Gemran leadership), had the fighting continued, the Allies would have defeated German forces in detail.

    France was defeated decisively at Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam, in 1954 - the U.S. chose on its own part to "guarantee" the terms of the 1956 Geneva Treaty, against the advice of France. France did NOT abandon the U.S. in Southeast Asia, rather, Americans decided all by their ownselves to make a massive mistake.

    Throughout history, France has been a powerful and often victorious combatant. The current anti-French feeling among some in the U.S. began when De Gaulle pulled France out of NATO and began charting an independent French foreign policy. France's intelligent leadership of European states to stay out of the current Iraq War may have embarrassed George W. Bush, but events since have shown the wisdom of that choice. Bush is the embarrassment, not France's refusal to be taken in by the White House's deceptions and lies.

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    French Cowards

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    They arent as many ppl on this webpage have explained but there is a very funny reason why you hear about them being cowardly. In 2003 America planned to invade Iraq and called on its allies for help. The French declined to help (good decision) and many congressmen and senators were mad. At the federal cafeteria, they changed French Fries to "Freedom" Fries just like we did in WWI with German named stuff like the hamburger. Once America and its allies realized the war had been a massive mistake (except for all that oil) the senators secretly, quietly, discreetly, changed it back to french fries.

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    im not a fan of european thousand of years of history but im a fan of ww2. so i cant speak anout all the wars they have been through bcoz basically i dont know a lot about them. but when it comes to ww2 from my opinion. the french lose so fast to the german bcoz at that point nobody can beat them. i know people would go on and say that the britain were more resilient. that is not entirely precise. the french shares thousand of miles of borders with german therefore it is easier for the german to make attacks on the french unlike uk who the german have to fight on water first before they can actually enter the country. unlike french where the german can easily enter its land and invaded the country. even with uk being an island it almost lost to german at one point. if uk was at france position and share borders with german. i doubted tgey can last that long.

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    @Fred You say the french were never a military power? Napoleon Bonepart ring a bell?

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    Bad leardership in some cases. Europre would be under the Frrench flag if they did not invade Russia.

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    It's more political. The French Military is actually very well trained and equipped; unfortunately their political leadership is lacking in spirit.

    If allowed to fight, I would put the French Military forces against any equally sized forces.

    The French Foreign Legion is their best asset. They get bad press, but the fact is, they are among the best.

    WWII was the worst moment for the French. The French Resistance, mostly citizens, did what the French Government would not do.

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    I think it is more an association with the French government than their military. Granted, they cut and run from French Indonesia (later to become Vietnam), but so did the US. In both cases, it was a political, not miltary descision.

    I have met several members of the French military; I was impressed by them.

    The French Foreign Legion, in particular, has a grand tradition of bravery, even against suicidal odds. Just look at the battle fo Camerone:

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    It's not that their military are poorly trained and unprepared. The military in France is in fact, very well trained and equipped. Unfortunately, political pressure and a divisive force in the population has led to defeats in the last few decades. Unfortunately, a nation cannot win a war without support from it's people.

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    Except for the Russians, who had home-field advantage and winters so brutal it stopped Napoleon, EVERYONE surrendered quickly to a German invasion. They were that good.

    Nobody ridicules the Belgians or the Czechs.

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