Say God doesn't exist...?

As a theist, I do not understand how someone doesn't believe in God. So, I am asking those who don't believe in God for their proof that He doesn't exist. How do you know there isn't a God, and what explains everything on this earth? How did humans arrive here?


This really isn't a yes, no, maybe question. Explain to me in details the point of not believing in a higher purpose.

Update 2:

I am not an atheist, and I am not making any attacks on atheists. I am simply just trying to understand what they believe in.

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    What are the benefits of saying 'God Doesn't Exist?'

    The questions here all revolve around 'belief' and 'faith' and other such concepts, and proof doesn't fit into the picture. People often say that they know, but certainly they only believe, or have faith that their idea is right. The only thing that seems important to me is that I live my life in a way that I can be happy.

    As a moderately intelligent human, this involves trying to show love and understanding - much in the way that Jesus might have done.

    The nature of 'God' is questionable, but the existence is not. If I tell you that Love is God under a different name, is this wrong? Maybe Love doesn't exist? If it does, then so does God... The question for me is "Is God a nice old man, a Lord, a Jealous God" or maybe "To DEFINE means to LIMIT. If God has no limits, then God cannot be defined, and so if you define your God, your God doesn't exist".

    Some concepts are undefinable, and often there is little or no point to try.

    Nice question ;)

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    Good point. I don't understand this either. I am a Christian and I know the stereotypes that comes with Christianity.

    I believe everyone is born with a knowing of a greater power. To answer your question I won't say what is the RIGHT power. Maybe minds are corrupted by science to the degree of the only PROVED way. This, however, is not true, because the existence of a god, goddess, spirit, or whatever can be proven by ASKING the right questions.

    Maybe they don't see how a god, goddess, spirit, etc can allow so much suffering even though this is explained in most holy texts or even orally handed down by certian religions.

    I have a friend who I say has a "Religious Disorder." She is not trying different religions to see which she thinks is the correct one more than "going with the flow." She finds someone she wants to follow and trys to be like her/him including changing her religion. She has been Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, and is now currently atheist.

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    I am an atheist.

    The only difference between you and I is that I believe in one less god than you.

    Do you believe in Zeus? Thor? Isis? The Raven Spirit? Neither do I.

    Do you believe in Yahweh/Jehovah/YHVH? Well, there's where we differ.

    Science has a very good model that explains the universe, from the moments after the Big Bang, to the formation of the Solar System, to the evolution of life on earth in all its diversity. The explanation of how we got here is pretty much answered, aside from a few details.

    How do I KNOW there isn't a god? Because with the exception of a small handful, every single one that man has managed to invent has become "extinct."

    As for "proof," the onus is on the believers to prove god exists. You cannot prove a negative. But there is a distinct lack of evidence in his favor...

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    There is no scientific proof that he would exsist. Although! I am not saying there isn't a possibility that there could be something out there - since there is no scientific proof against that either. I believe in the Big Bang Theory on how we originally got here. And everything else? Created along with us, and through evolution. It is something that everyone wants - to know that when they cannot take care of themselves, someone else is, that nobody can win. It is a welcoming feeling. But with logic, you understand it's just a human way to feel protected.

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    God is fruit of the imagination of a particularly developed species. US. in other words HUMANS. It is logical that during times of great need or suffering we have turned ourselves to believe in SOMETHING. this SOMETHING didn't appear out of no where. The human brain invented it. Believing in something is very important, and thats why I respect this fictional "person" God. If God helps you live life, then go ahead and believe in him. But I always believe in myself and my abilities first.

    Now for your other questions.

    Science has proven in ways much more certain than the Bible, which contains false info because of the number of people transcripting, that the humans are what we are now from EVOLUTION. In other words, NATURE. And the Earth from the Big Bang. But you see, if you were following what I was writing, the whole thing is a circle with no ending because NATURE is simply what humans call the "stuff" around us. It is also an invention of the humans.

    We are still not intelligent enough to understand abstractions as big as "god" if he exists and what we call "nature" So, what to believe in? the only thing that you know 100% about and that is YOU! so believe in yourself. You're sure that he exists, you understand yourself, you know your limitations.Believing in yourself is the first thing you should believe in.

    Source(s): (Theists, I've noticed you people like to flame answers of atheists. Please note I have stated my opinion as respectfully as I can, don't tarnish you reputation by flaming my answer disrespectfully)
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    You wont get a straight answer, they will simply turn the question around and demand proof of God.

    Honestly, I think they aren't as sure about they confess to believe as they think. I mean honestly how much "logic" do you need to know that no mortal human being can tell you what happened Billions of years ago?

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    Prove that the tooth fairy doesn't exsist.

    The burden of proof lies on the person making an assertion. It is impossible to prove a negative.

    Do you believe EVERYTHING you are told, because there's a lot of things people could say exsist, and you could not prove that any of those things do NOT exsist.

    Space aliens, the tooth fairy, unicorns, the flying spaghetti monster, Bigfoot, the Loch Nest Monster, do you feel that you are obliged to believe in these things, since you can't prove they don't exsist ?

    I am an agnostic, but from what I understand of the atheist postion, if there is insufficient evidence of a thing exsisting, then there is no real reason to believe in it's exsistence.

    And not having an explanation for something is no reason to say "God did it". That is just appealing to "God of the gaps".

    Also, I don't know which particular God you believe in, but if you are a mono-theist, then you must disbelieve in all the thousands of other Gods. Do you have proof that every other God but yours does not exsist ?

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    You need a course in logic. It is a logical impossibility to prove that anything does not exist. Suppose I say to you that there is a 1958 Pontiac in orbit around the middle star of Orion's belt, and that its left turn signal is blinking. How would you prove that there is not? Obviously, you couldn't. As the one making this extraordinary claim, it would be up to me to prove the claim, not up to you to disprove it.

    You are claiming that there is an invisible, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-benevolent being who created everything there is merely by speaking it into existence, and who cares deeply about which of us places what body parts into who else and where. Prove it.

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    look there is a tree in the middle of your living room. you do not believe it exist can you prove to me it does not.

    'how did humans arrive here' along time ago on a planet far away; ...... they were over crowded and sent a couple of space ships full to earth. Then we just evolve from there.

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    Let us say that you believe in god, and that she does exist. my question to you is what makes you so sure that you picked the right one, from among the thousands that other theists believe in?

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