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enki asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 1 decade ago

would i LOSE my MIND if i LOSE my HEART?

Would i LOSE my HEART if i LOSE my MIND?

which is which?

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    If you lose your heart you won't really lose your mind. I mean, you'll know where it is, it's just that it won't be working quite right for awhile.

    I don't think you can lose your mind if you truly have a heart. Caring for loved ones will always keep you sane, although it sometimes feels like it's doing the opposite.

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    to lose ones heart can be very fulfilling however if you should never lose your mind.....one will help you accept the love but the other will reason if the love is good for you....to the second part I think maybe yes...if you lose your heart your mind would not be the same as your heart is your expressive side that shows through - that are both linked together it is what makes you you.....as for the third question ...................only you can decide which is which......did your heart speak more then your mind or did your mind speak more then your heart..........I hope that you never lose either.....you are beautiful just the way you are.............but I also hope that you know what it is like to love and be loved those are two lovely and precious things to experience.........HUGS enki ......take care ......on another note you can't force love either....sometimes love is not a fairytale ending of happly ever after either....... love should be shared..

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    Your proverbial heart? Or, your physical heart?

    The answer, of course depends not on which heart you mean, but which mind you mean?

    Referring to the phrase, "he's lost his mind" we can gather that if you did lose your proverbial heart, you could only lose your 'mind' as in, your sanity, depending on what choices you chose thereafter.

    With the mind as in the 'ego' the thought processes that sometimes control us, if you lost your proverbial heart , you would more than likely lose your mind as it was because then you wouldn't function as a typical human anymore. You'd become robotic, lacking empathy, compassion and other human traits that influence the mind and make you human. You would become a machine, and their minds are something completely different. The question would become, what would be the driving force of your new state of mind? What would influence your decisions?

    If you meant losing your actual, physical heart... well, then I would say yes and no to losing your mind, any mind.

    Yes, because you would be dead. Your body as you knew it would no longer be functioning on any level, and therefore be without mind.

    No, because it is said the 'mind' never dies, but overlaps from reincarnation to reincarnation, which explains why we carry some habits and memories through, often being perceived as genetics, dream states or deja vu. Although it is actually your spirit or soul that is doing the reincarnating, the soul comes from the one soul that inhabits everything, and so your 'mind' that learns more with every reincarnation is actually your very individualism. Without it, you are not you.

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    I don't believe so, for there are many a soul that sits and rocks back and for and the only comfort they have is their hearts loves. You might feel you are losing your mind in the process of losing your heart to someone or something you are passionate about, but in the end you will always remain sound and solid for having loved and lost.

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    If you lose your heart, you are apt to lose your mind, but find yourself. If you lose your mind, it could be because you lost your heart, but more likely, you won't be able to find your heart to lose. When you lose yourself, it can be the result of either your heart and mind, but not both. If you lose your mind, your heart is usually the only way back.

  • Do you mean, when your Heart stops beating? or if you fall in Love, and you lose your mind over it too? When you have no feelings in your Heart, you do not have a mind either.

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    Well you would definitely lose your mind if you lost your heart...

    All those evil people (okay so I don't know evil people this information comes from the source called movies!) are always slightly (or absolutely) crazy because they have no heart and they get consumed with the want for power and so on.

    I'm sure crazy people still have a heart. Your heart doesn't need your brain...its just powerful raw emotion.

    ...what an interesting question btw.

    Thanks for getting me to think deep...

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    1 decade ago

    if u lose u heart by being hurt

    u wont lose u mind

    your mind will help u to come out of being hurt

    if u lose u mind your heart will still be there to help u emotionally

    youre back!!!


  • small
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    Great way of stating it... indeed yes.... and of course what we call as losing the heart is in fact losing the mind.... because love arises in the mind, and the heart merely reacts through certain physical impact it receives through the emotion caused by love.

  • Hope
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    No. I lose my heart to a guy I loved. He broke my heart with his words. I was heart broken and distress. However, I never lose my mind. Untill this day I stilll have a lot of conscious :)

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