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? asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

please help! 10 points to those who answsers best!?

ok... I need all of the songs of Bring it on: In It To Win It! The songs must be complete with the singer! please help!

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    Wait ok

    "What's the Dillio?"

    Written by Tony Lovato

    Performed by Mest

    Courtesy of Maverick Recording Company

    "I Just Wanna Be Happy"

    Written and Performed by Brooke X

    Courtesy of Lifelonglife Ent.

    "See Ya"

    (Radio Mix)

    Written by Andrew McClusky, Stewart Kershaw & Liz McClarnon

    Performed by Atomic Kitten

    Courtesy of Innocent / Virgin Records Ltd.

    "Makes No Difference"

    Written by Deryck Whibley & Greig Nori

    Performed by Sum 41

    Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group

    "The Swan Lake Suite op. 20 (C)"

    Composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    Performed by Jim Long

    Courtesy of Chappel Music Library

    "Kids Wanna Know"

    Written by Falling James & Chris Sims

    Performed by The Leaving Trains

    Courtesy of SST Records

    "Give My Regards to Broadway"

    Written by George M. Cohan

    "Cherry Pie"

    Written by Jani Lane, Joey Allen, Jerry Dixon, Steven Sweet & Eric Turner

    Performed by Warrant

    Courtesy of Columbia Records

    "The 900#"

    Written by Francis Zambon

    Performed by The 45 King

    Courtesy of Tuff City Records

    "Dada Strutin'"

    Written by James Burke

    Performed by Sgt. Rock

    Courtesy of Willja Records, Ltd.

    "2 Can Play That Game"

    Written by Bob Fusari, Falonte Moore & Belewa Muhammad

    Performed by Sygnature

    Courtesy of Columbia Records


    Written by John Clark, Stephen Clark, Amanda MacKinnon & Lois Mafleo

    Performed by Bis

    Courtesy of Capitol Records

    "As If"

    Written by Shelly Peiken & Guy Roche

    Performed by Blaque featuring Joey Fatone

    Produced by Guy Roche

    Courtesy of Trackmasters / Columbia Records

    Joey Fatone, Jr. appears courtesy of Jive Records

    "What's A Girl To Do?"

    Written by Pam Reswick, Christine Muscat, Joseph Muscat & Sharon Muscat

    Performed by sister2sister

    Courtesy of C2 / Columbia Records

    "Cavalier Song"

    Written by Lawrence Haywood Lee, Jr. & Fulton Lewis, Jr.

    Performed by The Virginia Pep Band

    "Freakin' You"

    Written by Alex Gifford, Nathaniel Hall & Michael Small

    Performed by Jungle Brothers

    Courtesy of V2 Records, Inc.

    "Cliff's Guitar"

    Written by Keith Wyatt & Fernand Bos

    Performed by Keith Wyatt


    Written and Performed by Filibuster

    Courtesy of Cornerstone R.A.S. / Skunk Records

    "Get Ready For This"

    Written by Jean Paul de Coster, Filipe de Wild, Raymond Slijngaard & Simon Harris

    Performed by 2Unlimited

    Courtesy of Byte Records - Belgium

    "There She Goes Again"

    Written by Boots

    Performed by The Getaway People

    Courtesy of Columbia Records


    Written by Michele Chiavarini, Summer Burkes, Tracy Kilow & Michael Marz

    Performed by Daphne & Celeste

    Courtesy of Universal International B.V.

    "Fanfare For God"

    Written and Performed by Mark Bryan

    Courtesy of Cheerleading Music Service

    "All The Way We Live"

    Written by David Jones, Leevert Agee & Baron Agee

    Performed by Pressha

    Courtesy of Pandisc Music Corp.

    "Slang Dat Bottom"

    Written by Kenneth Terry

    Performed by Devastator X

    Courtesy of Prison of Rhythm Entertainment Group

    "Booty Bounce"

    Written by Johnny Marrs

    Performed by Kinsu

    Courtesy of Blunt Recordings / TVT Records

    "Take Control"

    Written by Antonio Velez & Geraldo Ortiz

    Performed by Sweets

    Courtesy of Xclusive Records, Inc.

    "Can U Feel It"

    Written by Benjamin Ferrer, Jr.

    Performed by Tronic Wave

    Courtesy of Xclusive Records, Inc.

    "Somebody Say Oh Yeah"

    Written and Performed by Mark Bryan

    Courtesy of Cheerleading Music Service

    "More Beef Than Cattle"

    Written by Lenny Kagan

    Performed by ZA/10 featuring Kryptoknight

    Courtesy of Tempo Entertainment

    "Get Up & Dance"

    Written and Performed by Mark Bryan

    Courtesy of Cheerleading Music Service


    Written by Carter Evenson

    Performed by Sons of Poseidon

    Courtesy of Sons of Poseidon

    "Just What I Need"

    Written by Steve Matt, Octavio Callandro & Scott Price

    Performed by Rufus King

    Courtesy of No Fidel No Music

    "I'm Money"

    Written by Ed Udhus, Ali Tabatabaee, Greg Bergdorf, Justin Mauriello & Ben Osmundson

    Performed by Zebrahead

    Courtesy of Columbia Records

    "Tell Me Something"

    Written by Norwood Cheek & Peyton Reed

    Performed by manChild

    Courtesy of He's No Good To Me Dead Music

    "Paulette's Theme"

    Written and Performed Ernest Lee


    Written by Stuart Crichton & Andy White

    Performed by Basshopper

    Courtesy of Reverb Records, U.K.

    "Bring It All To Me"


    Written by Billy Lawrence, Cory Rooney, Violet Ruby, Leshan Lewis, Kevin Bion Spencer, William B. Shelby,

    Linda E. Van Horssen & Nidra E. Sylvers

    Performed by Blaque featuring 50 Cent

    Courtesy of Trackmasters / Columbia Records

    "Shake A Lil' Something"

    Written by David Hobbs, Mark Ross & Christopher Wong Won

    Performed by 2 Live Crew

    Courtesy of Lil' Joe Records, Inc.

    "Work It Baby"

    Written by Lazaro Mendez, John Morris & Darrin Rudnick

    Performed by DJ LAZ with Kinsu

    Courtesy of Pandisc Music Corporation

    "Cheer For Me"

    Written by Artice Bartley & Carlos Spencer

    Performed by 95 South

    Courtesy of The RCA Record label

    "Bounce With The Massice"

    Written by Jamie White, Moussa Clarke & Marcel Ateen

    Performed by Tzant

    Courtesy of Logic Records, Ltd.

    "Giddie Let's Up Ride"

    Written by Johnny Marrs

    Performed by Kinsu

    Courtesy of Blunt Recordings / TVT Records

    "Jump Up (If You Feel Alright)"

    Written by Steve Best, Brad Ferringo & Delroy Griffiths

    Performed by Da Beat Bros.

    Courtesy of Steve Best Music / Steve Best Entertainment

    "Anywhere U.S.A."

    Written by Nina Ossoff, Tony Battaglia & Shaun Fisher

    Performed by P.Y.T.

    Courtesy of Epic Records


    Written by Michael Chapman & Nicholas Chinn

    Performed by B*Witched

    Courtesy of Epic Records / Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.

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  • 3 years ago

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