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Anonymous asked in 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 1 decade ago


一個農場女孩 芬兒,以及一隻蜘蛛夏綠蒂,幫助一頭小豬韋柏存活下來的動人故事。


在這同時,小豬認識蜘蛛夏綠蒂,也漸漸地成了無所不談的好朋友。有一天,穀倉裡的白鵝說,小豬不久就會被農場主人宰殺,以備聖誕晚餐之用。聽到這個消息後,小豬開始憂慮。但聰明的蜘蛛卻及時想出了一個解救小豬的妙計——那就是努力為小豬織網,在蜘蛛網上用文字織出各種有關小豬的信息來,好讓人們因看到“奇蹟”而放棄宰殺小豬的念頭。 果然,蜘蛛夏綠蒂的計策進行得非常成功——它先後在蜘蛛網上織出“Some pig”(非凡豬)、“Radiant”(燦爛明亮的)、“Humble”(謙遜的)等文字來形容韋柏的獨特之處。




不好意思 字數有點多= =,翻個大概也可以 謝謝唷!!

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  • 琳琳
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    1 decade ago
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    很高興能為你解答 ^ ^

    A farm girl fragrance, as well as spider Xia Lvti, helps the moving story which a small pig Wei Pai survives gets down.

    Small pig Wei Pai when birth, was thin small also does not have the nipple to attract the breast the unnecessary piglet, the fragrance has promptly rescued the small pig's life. She on time uses the milk bottle to nurse every day for the young pig, very quickly established the affection friendship on and the small pig.Afterwards in order to coordinate she to go to school the time, the girl had to entrust the small pig in uncle in family's barn, let the small pig and other animals — — such as cow, the sheep, the goose and so on — — lives in together, after she then was on vacation from school every day on time arrives the barn and the young pig gathers.One day, in barn Bai E said that, the small pig soon can slaughter by the farm master, prepares using of the Christmas supper. Hears after this news, the small pig starts the anxiety. But the intelligent spider actually promptly found out to rescue the small pig ingenious plan — — that is diligently weaves a fishing net for the small pig, wove each kind of related small pig's information in the spider web with the writing to come, good let the people because of see "the miracle" gave up slaughter the small pig's thought.Really, the spider Xia Lvti strategy carries on extremely successful — — it successively to weave "Some pig" in the spider web (extraordinary pig), "Radiant" (bright bright), "Humble" (is humble) and so on the writing describes Wei Pai uniquely place.

    2007-12-26 20:53:31 補充:

    When these "the spider web writing" appears when the barn entrance, the village person feels the shock, thereupon runs in abundance watches this "the miracle". Everybody praises without cease for this miracle, because who can think the spider unexpectedly can write humanity's writing?

    2007-12-26 20:53:44 補充:

    Obviously must brightly help. The news as soon as passes on ten, ten passes on hundred, everybody starts the fable they to have a ten points unusual small pig.

    2007-12-26 20:54:04 補充:

    Finally, the Wei cypress is brought to participate to the assembly in a competition, although has not won the championship, but therefore obtains village head's reward, from this time on had "the famous pig" good reputation.

    2007-12-26 20:54:46 補充:

    Secretly big person who has rendered meritorious service spider Xia Lvti although because the life stage comes to an end, but in the year, determined since birth oneself truly achieves the pledge,

    2007-12-26 20:55:01 補充:

    was the life the good friend small pig Wei cypress forever is separated from the threat which slaughters, with a smile but end.

    2007-12-26 20:55:19 補充:

    Wei Paisui the grief good friend passes, but Xia Lvti later ages, still a generation of strip of land, settles down in on the small pig's valley Bin gate,

    2007-12-26 20:55:23 補充:

    enables the Wei cypress to be allowed life-long to think of gratefully loyal and the great good friend, an originally person sees spider - - Xia Lvti which the person tires of.

    2007-12-26 20:56:19 補充:





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