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想請問有人知道布魯克林橋下的河濱公園怎麼去? 我想拍攝金融區+橋的畫面(p.s. 我的交通工具是兩條腿+subway)謝謝!


Brooklyn Heights我已經去了,可是角度不對,是橋在前面,金融區墊後,類似下圖,我手中的這本旅遊書是說布魯克林橋下的河濱公園

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    你說的地點應該是叫 Brooklyn Heights 和 Brookly Heights Promenade.

    夜景是沒得比的. 第一次見到是約20年前, 最近一次是三年前. 還是一樣動人, 還是愛.

    From Manhattan, take the A or C subway line to Brooklyn, and get off at the 1st stop which is the High St. station. Head west towards the river (a few blocks-很長的 block) until reaching the Promenade.

    If you wish to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge:

    towards the end of the bridge you'll see a stop sign on the walk/bike paths. Veer towards the left and go down the stairs. At the street, turn right and then bear all the way right when you reach and pass through Cadman Plaza Park. At the end of the park, follow Middagh St towards the river. Turn left when you can go no further and follow the signs into the Promenade.

    For further information call (718)-965-8900.


    先白天去一次, 有機會一定要去看夜景. 夜景是沒得比的. 第一次見到是約20年前, 最近一次是三年前. 還是一樣動人, 還是愛.

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    從角度看起來 那是 Empire-Fulton Ferry State park

    應該是夾在 Brooklyn Bridge 和 Manhattan Bridge 之間. 有消息最近 park 是 closed 的喔

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    Use Subway to Empire-Fulton Ferry State park


    Exit to Cadman Plaza West (CPW). Walk west, toward the BQE, down the hill - CPW turns into Old Fulton Street . Walk down the hill, take a right at Front Street . First left is Dock Street

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    entrance to Empire Fulton Ferry State Park is one block ahead on Water St . The second left is Main Street ; entrance to the City park is ahead 1 1/2 blocks.

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    or use The F train TO YORK STREET Walk down York or Washington Street until you get to the waterfront.

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