I had a dream that my gf and i had a baby then I had a dream we got married a few yrs later and were very happ

Hi im Venus little brother and this was my dream. In the continued dream we had another baby and moved into a pretty large house, say three story and were oh so happy. But also in the first dream she was happy too, yea we had alittle hard time because we are both in school but we came out on top of our game. I graduated and so did she, but putting the dreams together in the end everything was great. Whatdoes this mean? Now as of rightnow her and I dont think she is and were arent trying to make her but she's going to take a PT to make sure she's not preg, thats good right?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well you did not really ask a question but good luck with that

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