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Is DR. Noam Chomsky anti-Semitic too?


DR. Noam Chomsky positive post for all the living Jews.

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    Dr. Chomsky is neither anti-Semitic nor anti zionist. He was very good friends with a past US boss of the World Zionist Organisation.

    I suppose it is very uncomfortable for zionists to hear from such an esteemed person that the erstatz israel is a terrorist nation; and make no mistake, that is what he said.

    Ariel Sharon - has an impressive list of terrorist atrocities (eg massacre of defenseless civilian in the 1950s: expulsion of people ).

    The US is enhancing terror in Palestine.

    The US blocked international monitors from going to Palestine

    A Geneva conference determined that everything israel and the US does in Palestine is a war crime of unusual severity.

    Declared that the US funded israeli settlements are illegal and condemned the practices of willful killing, torture and deportation and the willful destruction of property.

    The international laws that erstaz israel is breaking every day, are those that were created to formally criminalise the atrocities of the Nazis.

    Zionists left Europe, invaded Palestine and carried out a process of ethnic cleansing using the same ideology as Hitler. The zionists have broken the same international laws as those with with the Nazis were charged with breaking. They should face the same sentences.

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    NO, he's been an outspoken critic against atrocities in Israel for years, so he doesn't go along with the party line for Jews, I guess that makes him Anti-semitic, the same way anyone disagrees with Bush is Anti American.

    Noam Chomsky ROCKS!

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    Dr. Noam Chomsky is an prime example of a person who was born a Jew and is anti-Zionist. He is a brillant languistic person and should stick to languistics. His political philosophies are very left of center and he doesn't live in the real world. It would be nice if his idea of utopia might be real - but that is why it is called utopian or as he calls it "libertarian anarchism" - see: His views are not of this world politically.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Every single person who has an opinion on Israel that criticizes its policies is anti-Semitic. Now for ex. the world criticizes America, I guess there are also alot of anti-Americans out there. or is that now anti-semetic too? Wow I'm getting confused with the political correctness going around. Cheers!

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    Brilliant linguist; should have stuck with linguistics. His foray into contemporary political thought has been disappointing.

    Edit: I really like how you people think that this evaluation of Mr. Chomsky's work merits 8 thumbs down. This says more about you than about me!

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    I think he's one of the self-loathing Jews who, for some reason or another, feels it is necessary to work toward the destruction of his people.

    Self-haters exist everywhere, including amongst Jewish people...sadly...

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