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Audition Song For The Wiz.?

I am auditioning for a musical production of The Wiz in February and I need help finding an audition song for the Scarecrow.

I am a low tenor/high baritone.

Any suggestions?

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    Check this out, it's awesome.

    It's an audition song finder, you tell the program what your vocal range is, what your age range is, and what type song you might like ((ballad, upbeat)) {this part is optional}

    For each song it gives a brief description, whether it might be audition overdone, and what the special needs are. ((belting, big range))

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    It could desire to no longer be a lot of a production or you does no longer be asked to sing a music FROM the musical you're auditioning to be IN.. for the reason that any first rate production could in no way call for that. i won't be able to truly help you for the reason which you think of you're able to desire to sing a music FROM the Wiz.. so which you will in basic terms pass to GOOGLE and enter THE WIZ MUSICAL WIKIPEDIA and then examine all the SONGS and p.c.. ONE.

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    Bring Him Home- Les Miserables

    Empty Chairs at Empty Tables- Les Miserables

    If I Can't Love Her- Beauty and the Beast

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    What I can offer is this page I put together on my site for new and aspiring actors. It's about audition songs, where to find them + other advice for singers.


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