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In light of competitiveness and importance What was the single biggest fight of 2007?

Here are a few of the choices, any more recommendations would be appreciated

De La Hoya V Mayweather

Cotto V Mosley

Aerts V Schilt

Liddell V Silva

Sylvia V Couture

Hughes V St.Pierre

Hopkins V Wright

Barerra V Marquez

Silva V Franklin

Jackson V Henderson

Schilt V Lebanner

Mayweather V Hatton

Liddell V Jackson

Emelianenko V Hunt


I didn't ask what was the most entertaining or best fight. I'm asking what was the Biggest and most Important fight - regardless of the actual action in the match.

Update 2:

From a competitive stancepoint from an actual fan's interpretation

Update 3:

FORGET THE DAMN MONEY! Which was a fight that you were excited about based solely on the competiveness and appropriateness on the world standing

Update 4:

Blog, I didn't include Pavlik v Taylor because I feel it never had the same ring in your ears as a Silva Liddell, or Mayweather Hatton, or Mosley Cotto.

Like I said earlier, for this question , the action of the actual fight is inconsequential. Im asking basically which was the biggest and most significant contract signing of the year as determined by fans of combat sport- as can be seen by my mentioning Hughes v St Pierre which hasn't even happened yet.

Update 5:

No doubt Pavlik v Taylor was a honorable mention here though. Pavlik at the time was (and really still isn't) seen as an all time threat, like most of the fighters I listed. He was certaintly a guy who could bring a hard fight to the champion Taylor, but this wasn't a Hagler Leonard or a Hopkins Jones. The mention of this fight pre the actual fight would probably even be outshined by Calzaghe Kessler in regards to significance.

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    Calzaghe - Kessler without a doubt.

    In terms of importance, there were so many people who were (and still are) doubting Calzaghe's claim to be the best smw and the fight was to become undisputed smw champ, an acolade that has never been held. The fight was between two very talented, undefeated fighters, was competitive throughout and was a damn sight more entertaining than half on your list.

    De La Hoya-Mayweather is the only one that comes close.

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    Probably De La Hoya vs Mayweather, due to the fact that it generated the biggest PPV sales ever, and the signifigance of Mayweather winning a belt in yet another weight class.

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    I am amazed that you didn't include Pavlik/Taylor, the middleweight championship of the world doesn't appear to hold the clout it once did in some boxing circles. I am a traditionalist and consider Pavlik's KO of Taylor the fight of the year. With me the middleweight title hold more significance than the lighter weights.

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    Donald Trump Vs. Rosie Odanald

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    de la hoya mayweather

    but the outcome was wrong

    look out for Paul Williams to take over the welterweight division

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    in my opinion it was hatton vs mayweather,purely because of the amount of tv coverage it got and for the fact that i bet there wasn't many people in the uk who didn't know about this fight.

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    de la hoya v mayweather

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    cotto vs, mosley

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