Where is a list of U.S. Congress members (both House and Senate) who have shown consistent support for Israel?

Is a list available over the Internet of members of U.S. Congress (both House and Senate) who through their voting, speeches, and other activities have shown consistent support for Israel?

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    --James Inhofe, a conservative senator from Oklahoma. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Inhofe#Support_fo...

    --Sam Brownback, Republican senator from Kansas. See here: http://web.israelinsider.com/Articles/Briefs/5378....

    --Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman

    --Gordon H. Smith, an Oregon Republican.

    --Joseph Lieberman, a CT Democrat

    A lot of Republicans, for sure. One reason why? "Based on a study by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, Republicans are also getting a larger percentage of money from Jewish political committees and self-identified Jewish donors. So far this election cycle, Republicans have received about 42 percent of money from Jewish groups and individuals. If that number holds, it would be the highest percentage since the center started tracking these donations in 1990."

    Nevertheless, "Polls show most Jewish voters agree with Democrats on social issues and many other domestic concerns."

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    that would be the religious right, Republicans.

    They got elected because they were the party recommended by the United Counsel of Churches in America.

    TV Evangelists endorsed them for presidency and still support them as the religious party. The TV Evangelists support Israel. They look to them as the hope of mankind more than the Jews do. They don't mind taking their money but fail to say they do not support them.

    So it is a one sided love affair. They love Israel but the Jews do not love Christians.

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    I don't have the list but you will be surprised to find that is the Republicans that back Israel the strongest. How amazing that most Jews will classify themselves Democrat when Hillary sided with the Palestinians.

  • Anonymous
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    That is the party of the Republicans.

    Hilary Clinton is for the Palastines and so was her husband.

    The liberals do not favor the Jews.

    But the religious right is in support of the jews. That would be Republicans.

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