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Anonymous asked in SportsWinter SportsIce Skating · 1 decade ago

Why did Plushenko Divorce?

Serious answers ONLY pls !

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    On Evgeni Pluschenko's official site, there is an interview/article on him. If you scroll towards the middle you can read the Q&A's about the divorce, in his words.

    Apparently he rarely gives interviews. In that link to the article above, he basically says the reason for divorce is private and he wants it that way. It wasn't sudden and they both knew it was coming. The relationship just wasn't working out - and he says it wasn't about cheating or attraction.

    Here is another link about it:

    Figure Skating Translations - Plushenko divorce

    (this one has their different versions "why")

    In any case, it's sad.

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