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Econ 問題-- Vaiable factors and fixed factors

I know that fixed factors means resources that do not change its quantity when output changes

In a restaurant, a building itself is a fixed factor.

但係當店長因為生意太好所以擴張佢間鋪既面積時,building仲係咪fixed factor?


擴建個一刻係variable factor,

定擴建完都仲係variable factor?





呢個building就係variable factor,佢D租金係variable cost

咁三五七年之後,個building係咪仲係variable factor?


building係varible factor?

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  • Jason
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    1 decade ago
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    Vaiable cost 即可變的成本

    咁平時你是不可以隨意增加你間鋪的面積的,所以它是 fixed



    當你增加一倍店舖面積能夠增加你的 output 時,

    在這時候 building 就成了 variable factor, 因為它是可變的


    就算係裝緊修未做生意都好,如果突然一個沙士令你冇晒 d 客

    你都冇得撻訂的, 所以它現在是 fixed factor (不可改變)

    但如果你豪得起 d 訂同裝修費, 你仍然可以"揀"臨時選擇不做,

    現在它是 variable factor 了

    睇 variable factor 還是 fixed factor,重點不在 define

    係幫你下個 business decision

    你下的訂,裝修是 fixed 的, 不會影響你做定唔做

    但如果你的客源少得不足以支付貨物,人工其他 variable cost


    答番你, variable factor 不在於是擴建前還是擴建完



    佢仍然是 variable factor

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have asked a very good question. Let me re-phrase your situation:

    For restaurant business, building costs (either imputed or explicit) is a fixed factor if expanding is never an option to you. On the other hand, if an additional premise is needed for, say, every 100 customoers AND you can always source an appropriate premise, building costs could become variable as it depends on the number of customers that you have. E.g. if you have 280 customers, you will then need to operate 3 restaurants.

    However, if you cannot source any additional premise OR you do not plan to operate any additional premises because the expected number of customers for your restaurant is below 100, building costs will become a fixed cost to you.

    In economics, all costs are variable costs (i.e can be changed) in the long run.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Building根本是fixed factor,不論是擴建一刻或完成。因為Building唔能夠隨著Restaurant嘅output而經常增加或減小啊。

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