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Reflexive Pronouns 的疑問

1)I go to school myself.

2)He did his homework by himself.




照第一位回答者所說,逢用”by”字加self-pronoun 解 “獨自”,那我可以這樣寫嗎?

“I go to school by myself.”

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    逢用”by”字加self-pronoun 解 “獨自”

    John sits by himself. (John 獨自坐下)

    Do you go to Hong Kong by yourself?

    Can your baby walk by itself? (自己獨自行, 不用他人協助)

    [without (by) = 加勢 emphatic only]

    I myself go. (I和 myself是同位字, myself為句主加勢 emphatic pronoun)

    I go myself. (Myself亦為 nominative case)

    Did you meet Miss Lee herself on the road yesterday? (加勢於Miss Lee, herself為objective case)

    Mr. Kwan was received by the president himself. (加勢於president字, 表示總統本人自己去不是派代表)

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    Yes, you can say that. You go to school by yourself, without anybody's help.

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