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關於WAR的歷史介紹 有唱過LOWRIDER的 20分

1. 如標題 越詳細越好喔~ 看還不能有他的全部專輯歌曲曲風介紹?

2. 請問LOWRIDER除了WAR唱過以外~ZZ Top是否有唱過呢?

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    War was a multicultural American funk band of the 1970s from California, known for the hit songs "Low Rider", "Spill the Wine" and "Why Can't We Be Friends?". Formed in 1969, War was the first and most successful musical crossover, fusing elements of rock, funk, jazz, Latin music, R&B, and even reggae. The band also transcended racial and cultural barriers with a multi-ethnic line-up. The band's diverse musical influences have made it an enduring influence, one that has sold nearly 25 million records to date. Although War's lyrics are often socio-political in nature, their music usually had a laid-back, California funk vibe. The music has been sampled and recorded by many singers and groups, ranging from Janet Jackson to Korn to TLC.


    Eric Burdon Declares "War" - MGM, 1970 (Eric Burdon and War)

    The Black-Man's Burdon - MGM, 1970 (Eric Burdon and War)

    War - United Artists, 1971

    All Day Music - United Artists, 1971

    The World Is a Ghetto - United Artists, 1972

    Deliver The Word - United Artists, 1973

    War Live - United Artists, 1973

    Why Can’t We Be Friends? - United Artists, 1975

    Greatest Hits - United Artists, 1976

    Love is All Around - ABC, 1976 (Eric Burdon and War)

    Platinum Jazz - Blue Note, 1977

    Galaxy - MCA, 1977

    Youngblood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - United Artists, 1978

    The Music Band - MCA, 1979

    The Music Band 2 - MCA, 1979

    The Music Band Live - MCA, 1980

    Outlaw - RCA, 1982

    Life (Is So Strange) - RCA, 1983

    Music Band Jazz - MCA,1983

    Where There's Smoke - Coco Plum, 1984

    The Best Of War...And More - Priority, 1987

    2. 許多人翻唱過

    zz top, Dioone Warwick, Korn....改編的更多

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