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Basic Video Editing Software (Mac)?

OK, so I'm looking for some basic video editing software for my mac, that will be able to do more than iMovie (in terms of effects and overall editing), but does not cost as much as FCP. I used to use Pinnacle Studios on my XP awhile ago, and I was basically satisfied. Is Final Cut Express basically the same? What programs do you recommend?

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    There are a few options for you.

    Final cut express is very similar to final cut with a few less options. There are plug-ins for I-movie that make it much more powerful and I know of at least one professional editor that is using it as his main editing software. (Look up I-movie on you tube, there are a few movies that are actually pretty informative on there.)

    If I was looking to get a program for a Mac and could not get Final Cut Pro, I would probably look at New Tek's speed edit. This is a full professional editing package designed to cut news stories and event videography. It makes editing very quick and it is relatively cheap also.

    Tony Noon

    *General Note: This is my opinion as of 12/26/07. Video technology changes daily.

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  • Jim M
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    Final Cut - any version ... or, if you can dual boot, install XP on your Mac and run the software you're already familiar with.

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  • Anonymous
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    Have you ever try this video converter for mac? I always use it to convert and edit my video on Mac OS X, it works really nice

    If you still have problem, feel free to contact me.

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  • Elbert
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    FCE is more features than iMovie but less than FCP.

    Maybe one of these editors will be to your liking.

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