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Toyota Rav4 or Nissan Rogue??

Im debating which car i should purchase!! any one have any opinions or facts that prove Rogue is better than Rav4 or vice versa!!!!

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    Toyota Rav4: great to drive (city n hwy), smooth, 5* rating (safety), quite drive(less road noise), powerfull, the best in small SUV. the Rogue uses the CVT, a continuously variable transmission. It's the modern-day tranny that replaces steel gears with belts and pulleys. Both of them has their pos. If you really want to win your debate, you should read more reviews. Here are some links can help you:

    Good luck on your debate.

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    I am in a similar quandary and I like the the Nissan Rogue for a few reasons. At the end of the day, my recommendation would be for you to test drive both and choose the one that appeals and fits your requirements.

    Some of my observations were that:

    1. Both cars had a quiet drive with a decent zip though the Rav4 seemed to have more power

    2. Rogue had superior styling and looked "cooler" than the Rav4 - I did not like that the spare tire on the Rav4 was not concealed in the body. The Honda CR-V and Rogue both have it in the trunk bottom

    4. Rogue has several features that come standard on AWD SL trim (keyless entry, paddle shifters, Bose speakers etc)

    5. Rogue is competively priced and maybe a tad cheaper than the RAV4.

    Good luck!

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    I own a Rav 4. I have never owned a NIssan. The Rav 4 handles very well in the snow. The wheels are spaced far enough apart on either side to prevent rolling. Toyota made their money on the four cylinder. As a matter of fact, the four cylinder is so strong it hard to believe its not a 6. This means that you can have the power and save on gas. It also come in 4 wheel drive (both manual and automatic). It has front and curtain side airbags. The only thing I don't like about it is the throttle is computerized so when you push on the gas it has a very small delay before the engine kicks in. This would only affect you if you were trying to get into traffic and had a small window to get in. You may have to wait a few extra seconds. You really don't notice this once you have been driving it for a while.

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    I like the Nissan Rogue better than the Toyota RAV4 because it is more stylish than the RAV4, and it has paddle shifters.

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    It is really hard to choose from the two but I'll choose Nissan Rogue.

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