guild wars?

Christmas is tomorrow plz tell me everything good bad moderate

awesome and stinky about guild wars

thank you all happy holidays

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    Guild Wars, unlike the majority of other mmorpg, does not focus on the grinding but rather tries to be dependant on player skill. The way it does this is by allowing you to level upto the maximum level (20) very quickly. Armour and weapons of maximum statistics are all achievable by trading for them with items you can find lying around or on killed enemies. This is a great thing as it puts everyone on an equal footing and so who will win the fight is down to who is the better fighter rather than who sat rinsing and repeating for majoirty of the time. It is a game that doesn't punish people for taking a break. This combined with the fact that there are monthly fees makes it a great game for casual gamers and avid gamers alike.

    But this does not mean that there is necessarily no game play available for people who want a bit more meat on their mmorpg. While there are maximum stat weapons and armour available virtually free they are plain in appearance and there are weapons and armour that can only be achieved at the very highest level, these will take much longer to get, and they will put you at no real advantage but are a symbol of achievement and pride if that is what you want and are prepared to put in the work for.

    So basically there is something for every type of gamer.

    Guild Wars is definately largely biased towards the PVP side and so if PVE is your thing, while there will still be plenty for you to get your teeth into you will eventually hit a wall where you run out of things to do other than PVP. But if PVP is your deal then its superb as you can create PVP characters, who are maximum level with maximum stat armour and weapons and so as good as any other PVP or PVE character, but these are only usable for PVP.

    And as previously mentioned there are many chapters which add new content and can almost be played in any order, and also don't really put you at any disadvantage to anyone with games you don't have.

    So that's the advantages, which i honestly think outweigh the disadvantages. But there are disadvantages. Mainly is the lack of new content and general upkeep of the game that you get with mmorpg with monthly fees. As there are no fees the only income the makers get is from the purchase of new games. As such it seems they are very focused on simply churning out new games (4 games in 3 years) and so the games can feel rushed and gappy in places; while the current games can suffer as they put little emphasis in fixing the problems or adding new content to the existing games.

    All said and done, BUY IT, its pretty cheap and a hell of a lot of fun. Price to game-play-ability, I've never bought such a good value game.

    First is still the best in my opinion :P

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    Better late than never.. :) Guild wars has three stand alone games (Prophesies, Factions, and Nightfall) and one expansion (Eye of the North, must have one of the other games to play). Depending on the game you get, you start with 4 character slots (Prophesies) and get two more with each stand alone (6 with Factions, 8 with Nightfall) There are about 10 professions to select from (Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Monk, Mesmer and Elementalist in Proph, then add Assassin and Ritualist in Factions, and Paragon and Dervish in Nightfall)

    Factions is the easiest to grind up a character (IMHO) but there is a lot of content and each game/expansion adds more. The game play is fun, and dyes for clothing are not that expensive, unless you want Black or White, then they get pricey.. :) I think you will enjoy it.

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    Well it all depends on the pack of guild wars you get I have Factions and it is a pretty cool game you have 8 classes to chose from and options on height face details skin color hair color armor color but only one starting armor then there are guilds you can get people to help you my guild is very helpful to me the one problem is when you get new armor it is always gray and good dyes are expensive there are also lots of weapons and items to increase there strength. Over all it is a great game.

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