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I need to find a skunk breeder in West virgina?

For my sixteenth birthday in Febuary I want a pet skunk, and in West Virgina they are legal with a permit, but they can not be brought in from a different state, I will have to find someone in West Virgina that breeds skunks, to buy one off of. So, if you know of anyone please let me know! If i find a breeder and I am interested, I will go get a permit from the state and purchuse it. I have been researching pet skunks for about 3 months now, and i know about (noone knows everything) everything I will need to know to raise a pet skunk!

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    I was unable to find any skunk breeders listed for West Virginia on the USDA website:

    An additional websearch yeilded this website for High Lonesome Ranch in WV:

    which states "We no longer have any skunks here...WV no longer allows any pet permits for skunks, raccoons or foxes"

    Following the link with this info, I found:

    "Based upon serious public health and wildlife disease concerns associated with the raccoon rabies virus, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) wants to remind the public that no Importation or Pet Permits are issued for raccoon, fox or skunk.

    The Division of Natural Resources has not issued Wildlife Importation Permits for these species since 2001 and Pet Permits have not been issued since 2006. “The decision to deny Importation and Pet Permits for raccoon, fox and skunk has been made following careful deliberation and with concurrence from the West Virginia Department of Agriculture and West Virginia Bureau for Public Health. It is important for our citizens to know that just because they may be able to purchase these animals in other states; it is illegal to bring them into West Virginia. Those who transport or possess these animals face fines and the animals being confiscated,” said DNR Director Frank Jezioro.

    The mid-Atlantic raccoon rabies epizootic, which began in the late 1970s, expanded rapidly and spread throughout the northeastern states by the mid-1990s. In an effort to stop the westward spread of raccoon rabies across North America, West Virginia has been participating in a regional oral rabies vaccine (Raboral V-RG) barrier program for the past seven years. “The United States Department of Agriculture has spent millions of dollars in West Virginia to implement this raccoon rabies barrier program, and we simply cannot risk the potential success of this program by allowing the importation and/or possession of live raccoons, foxes or skunks as pets at this time,” noted Jezioro."

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    West Virginia 34 Louisville 17. West Virginia's offense to good.

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    i am dissapointed that you want to have a pet skunk they are meant for the wild so i could call the police and i am a vet so i know that your best bet is a stincky puppy

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    There are a few skunks up for adoption on Petfinder.

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