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Skateboard Wheels?

I am trying to buy new wheels for my skateboard, My wheels at the moment are about 48mm. Would 51mm or 52mm wheels fit?

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    yes they would 52 mm are the best for street thats wat i use i would get some rictas they are the best wheels for any type of skateboarding

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    48mm Skateboard Wheels

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    It really depends on your style of skating. I use 51mm because I first used it, and gotten used to it. Now, if I were to try 52 or 50, I would be weirded out because of the SIZE and the WEIGHT. I would suggest 51mm, because if you jump to a way bigger size so fast, learning tricks will be harder because you are used to the smaller size. I would suggest you get Ricta Superstars 51mm because they'll probably have the same weight as your old 48mm and its a good all-around shape/wheel

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    try to stay close to the same size and weight our used to. i ride 52mm, because thats what i started out with. if your looking for a brand, id go with spitfire or rictas. otherwise, you should stick to the wheels you're most cocmfortable with, and make sure theyr good for the style of skating you prefer.

    happy skating

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    dude, i've never noticed a difference, personally. I like blanks better (wheels, never boards..) simply because they're cheaper, and wear just the same. brands may be a *bit smoother* but not by very much. i'd focus on your bearings first before brand wheels.

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