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Was Hitler's real name Schickelgruber?

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    Hitler's father, Alois Schiklgruber was born out of wedlock to Marie Anna Schicklgruber who later married Johann Georg Heidler. Heidler was also variously spelled Hitler. I don't recall if Johann Georg was Alois' father, but he gave him his family name, thus he (Hitler's father) became Alois Heidler or Hitler. Alois' second marriage, to Klara Poelzl, resulted in six children, of which Adolf was the fourth.

    The British especially, ever so eager to make Der Führer appear ridiculous, traced his lineage and popularized the idea that his name should be Shicklgruber, a somewhat laughable name, even to the Germans.

    Source(s): Wm. Schirer, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
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    Adolf Hitler's (The Dictator) name was never Adolf it could of been Alois, since Alois Hitler's (Hitler's Father) was a Senior, and one of his sons should should of been named Alois Jr., I was around 6 years old when I found out that Hitler's (Dictator) was not Adolf, I can't remember the name of Hitler (Dict.), just like my mum, but she said that it was silly, Alois kind of sounds funny. Alois Jr. (or Dict. Adolf Hitler) broke windows and was very mean, one of his older brothers was Adolf (The Nice One) and he got killed by Alois Jr. (Later Dict. Adolf Hitler) and Alois Jr. (Dict.) took his name. Why? He wanted to have revenge, on his brother, Adolf, being nice (or something else) so he took the name Adolf and he created evil plans, for instance, The NAZI Party, He even designed the flag and the symbol when he was little. What about the surname "Schickelgruber"? In Poland, people got surnames from what they do (Kowalski: Blacksmithing), where they live (Podgorski: Under the Mountain), Who they are (Koscielak: Church Person) like Schickelgruber it might of meant Dumb or something like Ninkanpoop (LOL) By the way I found all of this information by myself in first and second grade (LOL) I know a couple that has one of Adolf Hitler's (Dict.) Auto Biography (A copy of the original), there are only 5

    more copies (I may be mistaken), he burned some of them so now only 6 are left. I travel around the whole world and I played on the most antique xylophone that the longer tone bars made higher notes (the opposite of a real xylophone) at the oldest Church in Podhale. It's against the laws of physics, and there are only 4 others in the world!!!

    -An Anonymous "Un-Brex my <3" and Tea (Expert) Person (I am not British [I still say "God Save The Queen"])

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      adolf had an older half brother named alois jr. his father was married 3 times and had kids with the last 2. adolf's parents were also cousins.

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    Adolf hitlers father was alois shicklegruber! for the first 40 or so years of his life then he took the name hiedler, his step fathers surname..it probably was changed to Hitler by a clerks error and is alternatively spelled several differnt ways, a common occurance back then.So no Adolf Hitlers last name was always Hitler not shicklegruber.

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      He did not go by Hitler. It was an alias he used when he did covert work and infiltrated the national socialists. It was no clerk's error, it was intentional.

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    He didn't have a middle name. "Schickelgruber" was an insult...it is Austrian and suggests that the individual being so named is a dimwit and a fool...a crude, unsophisticated country bumpkin. Anybody who called him that to his face would have been shot on the spot.

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    When Was Hitler Born

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    Adolf Hitler was born Aloys Schicklgruber, illegitimate son of Maria Schicklgruber. His stepfather's name was Heidler.

    Source(s): Wikipedia - "Maria Schicklgruber"
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      Wrong. It was Hitler's father, Alois, who was the illegitimate son of Maria Shicklgruber.

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