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    正面 負面

    polite有禮 , lazy懶惰

    popular受歡迎 , proud驕傲

    brave勇敢 , playful貪玩

    funny有趣 , naughty頑皮

    wise聰穎,有智慧 , cruel殘忍 / unkind不仁慈

    nice友善 , rude無禮

    diligent勤奮 , jealous妒忌

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    1. Vulnerable: 易受傷的,脆弱的

    she is a vulnerable girl and finds difficult to recover after being broken up.

    2. Sentitive: 神經過敏的;易怒的

    She is very sentitive, be careful with your remarks when you talk to her.

    3. Suspicious: 疑心的;多疑的

    He is too suspicious to believe in anyone.

    4. Mean: 吝嗇的,小氣的

    My boyfriend is very mean about money.

    5. Odd: 奇特的,古怪的

    He is an odd old man

    6. Responsible: 有責任感的

    She may be only 14, but she is very responsible

    7. Contentious=quarrelsome: 愛爭論的

    I get tired of my contentious girlfriend

    8. Greedy: 貪心的,貪婪的

    She is an greedy old woman.

    9. Perfectionist: 追求完美的人 ,至善論者

    Students who study arts usually are a perfectionist, I think.

    10. male chauvinist:大男人主義者

    Are your husband a male chauvinitst?

    I hope I meet your need!!!

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