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請幫我翻譯 自我介紹QQ 萬分感謝 >0









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    Hello everybody~

    My name is Jane,

    This is I first time does with English introduces oneself,

    English speaing is not very well,

    Please contains.

    I was born in Gaoxiong.

    I am twenty-three years old this year.

    I graduate from the Japanese Branch department.

    I am in the middle of work-study program.

    My interest is the swimming and surf the net.

    My family member is Three generations under the same roof,Number of siblings by age one is mine.

    The whole family is together harmoniously.

    I am afraid of speaking English and thank you to everybody the patience to listen respectfully my introduction.

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    The good my name of everybody of everybody is named Jean, this is my first time to introduce myself in English, English can not be spoken very much, please include more

    I born Kaohsjung, 23 year old this year, I graduated from Japanese.

    In half half reading commonly at present.

    My interest is to swim to follow and surf the Net. Members are three generations and hall in the family at present, I am the eldest in the family, whole family get along harmoniously

    I am very afraid of speaking English and thanking everybody for everybody's patient introductions which listens to me too.

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