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陳小米 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


“The Romance of The Three Kingdoms” is a ___(26) novel written by Luo Guan-chung in the Ming Dynasty. For ages it has caught the fancy of readers from different (27) of life. People are drawn to the fascinating world of the three kingdoms for various reasons. Both the wisdom (28) in the military warfare and the heroic bravery of some of its legendary characters are just some of the charms to explore in the world of San Guo. Although some of the most popular episodes of this novel are (29) by historians for their authenticity, such questioning does not in the least take away people’s interest in such episodes. Actually the novel does have educational value in such virtues embodies by its characters such as loyalty, courage, honor, promise, wisdom, and compassion. (30) it has been a favorite subject matter for movies, dramas, and computer games.

<D>26. (A) historically (B)historical (C) history(D) historian

<D>27. (A) corners (B)lines(C) walks(D) tracks

<D>28. (A) illustrating (B)illuminating(C) illustrated(D) illustrate

<C>29. (A) ascertained (B)validated(C) questioned(D) approved

<A>30. (A) No matter what (B)No wonder(C) By no means(D) By good luck


Thanks for ___(36)___ to take care of our household while we’re away. Here’s a list of what we want to have you do. Water the plants ___(37)___ a week. Don’t forget the hydrangea on the back balcony! Feed and love Muffin. She gets 1/2 cup of dry cat food in the morning and 1/2 can of wet cat food at dinner time.


Please remember ___(38)___ her water dish daily.

Update 2:

She’s very ___(39)___ and will probably want to curl up in bed with you at night. Bring in the mail and leave it on the table in the foyer.

Update 3:

Don’t worry about the newspapers. We suspend our subscription for the __(40)___ of our holiday. Thanks again and I hope everything goes well. We’ll see you in a month.

The Lees

Update 4:

36. (A) agreement (B)agreeing(C) have agreed(D) agreed

37. (A) once (B)one(C) one times(D) one per

Update 5:

38. (A) refilling (B)to refill (C) to refill (D) refill

39. (A) affected (B) affecting(C) affects(D) affectionate

40. (A) during (B)duration(C) enduring(D) endure

Update 6:


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