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4.木村拓哉(Takuya Kimura)是我最崇拜演員,他總是詮釋著熱血而復有理想的角色,而他也的確適合這樣的角色.更重要的是,他的衣著總是能掀起時尚潮劉.

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    I prefer to be overdressed at a party, because it might be an occasion where political figures or business tycoons will appear.

    I don't like makeup, and have no experience in such. Yet, I pay attention to skin care.

    I am an impulsive buyer. To me, you don't need to reconsider anything when buying necessities.

    Takuya Kimura is my favorite actor. He always plays the role with idealism and passion. He is suitable for such casting. Most important of all, the way he dresses leads the fashion industry.

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