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Doggie Vaccinations and de wormers....Advice please....?

I have acquired two dogs in the past week. The first is a female lab mix, about 6 months old who was locked in a crate. She's a sweet gal though. The second is a male lab, about 2 months old, just a little guy. I am pretty sure they didn't have any shots or were de wormed so I was wondering, being the Christmas season and weird hours, does the over the counter de wormers and vaccinations from say, Tractor Supply really work? And does anyone know of a good brand? I want this done ASAP because I have kids and I don't want parasites jumping hosts in my house!

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    your 6 mo old needs all his shots (Rabies, DHLPPC) and the 2 mo old will need 2 sets of shots (DHLPPC, DHLPPC). you don't need to deworm if they don't have worms to begin with. don't bring a stool sample in before you go, it's pretty much a waste of effort (and gross for the waiting room). don't listen to vaccines being bad for your animals. they aren't. animals just react differently (which it's highly unlikely they will develop any serious illness from being vaccinated) however, they are prone to so many serious and commonly-caught/transmitted diseases if you do not vaccinate them. just go to the vet, you'll be alright. they're still young'ns so chances are they haven't developed anything bad or seriously damaging.

    Source(s): my dad is a vet (one of the best in Texas actually), i've worked up at his hospital for about 13 years.
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    They work fine. The vaccines are modified live, so they should be kept cold. Make sure the farm supply store has them in a fridge.

    In some states you can do a rabies yourself too. If you can in your state, get an IMRAB for the older one too.

    I would use a fenbendazole based product to worm them just because you don't know if they had fleas or not before you got them. Look a the ingredient list on the wormer. If you can't find a product with fenbendazole, then use pyrantel pamoate. But the other product covers more parasites.

    also sells products. You might find a better price there than at your local farm supply store.

    The older dog would not need a "series of shots". As long as it is over 16wks, one should insure immunity. The younger one would need more.

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    The shots from Tractor Supply do work, but they will need a series of shots to insure immunization if they have never been vaccinated before, best to get the wormer from the vet, it will do a better job than over the counter wormers, plus you need to take a stool sample to the vet from each dog to determine what kinds of worms they may have as some are not visible to the human eye like the tape worms and round worms are.

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    No they do not work. The de wormers don't get rid of the worms and you don't even know what kind of worms the dogs might carry. The vaccinations at these places aren't stored properly and more often than not, are totally ineffective. Take the dogs to the vet and do it properly, or you are putting their lives at risk.

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    I would never vaccinate an animal. If you google "dog vaccine dangers" you can do research. Check them for external parasites, and bring a stool sample to a vet before you de-worm them unnecessarily. Unless you see worms in their stool, it can always wait a few days. But yes, you can buy wormer at pet stores.

    Source(s): im a dog professional
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