Would somone be kind enough to report this question please?

as I'm not sure if it's a question or an answer and I wouln't want to infringe any of the sacred Community Guidelines let alone commit an heinous act of venting, ranting, or using any hate speech.

I just want to be kind and sharing and in no way would I want to confuse or mislead any other users of this site - so please if you can, would you be so kind as to click on the report button as I'm really unsure as to whether or not this is a question or answer - are you? I mean if you are sure - what are you sure about? Are you sure that it's a question or an answer and how sure are you? Would you stake your life on it?

Please be so careful people - Yahoo have ears far and wide and if you're caught infringing the scared Community Guidelines I hear they ship you off to Guantanamo bay and use the water-boarding toture - you wouldn't want that now would you? You wouldn't want to feel like you're going to drown - all because you wanted to have a little rant - would you? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Oh no! I've mispelt the word 'torture' - they're bound to ship me of the Guantanamo now - what am I to do? Should I consult the United Nations to see if I can get a motion to be passed to waive mispelt words - perhaps the fact that the Americans could spell correctly if there lives depended on it my mitigate this one little faux pas - oh no - now look what I've done? I've use French - they hate the french - because they wouldn't come and play 'shock and awe' - oh no - I'm done for now people - please - please click on the red report button won't you? Pleeeeeeaaaaase I can't stand the tension anymore - AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Update 2:

Oh no I've spelt 'off' as 'of' - that's it Death Row here I come - I have it now, I'll be shuffling round in one of those bright red boiler suits for sure now - HELP!!!!!

Update 3:

I've just reallsed - I've put "of the Guantanamo now" - do you know what - I don't care anymore - I'm a teapot - I'm a teapot - I'm a teapot!!!!

Actually if you'e bothere to read this far - I do in actual fact have a serious question - here it is:-

Does anyone think people on here take this site far too seriously?

Just a tad maybe.......?

Update 4:

The word is bothered, bothered ok? Not bothere - who ever heard of bothere - mind you that reminds me - if you live in the UK - Catherine Tate's on the box Christmas Day - with Kathy Burke as her daughter - http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/catherinetate/ - excellent - something to look forward to - they're not tightly-wrapped or anally-retentitve - now are they?!!!

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  • PC
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    1 decade ago
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    Isn't that amazing the troll reporters have ignored your request of deletion.

  • 1 decade ago

    People do take this site way to serously, I asked a question about dog food and some one had my question removed!! I was like wow what community guidlines did I break. i guess I'll see you at Guantanamo bay. ; )

  • Alot of people on here are aholes.

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