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Why won't my Jeep Cherokee start?

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee, and brand new battery; I recently had my altenator checked, and it is good. When I jump start it, the Jeep starts right up. When I turn it off and try to start it again, it won't start.

If my altenator is good and I've put two brand new batteries, then what can the problem be? Please help!!


My Jeep wil not or cold, and it does not crank.

Do you think adding a CB radio to it could be the problem?

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    Put another battery in it bro,

    Nah jk jk, I'd try a solenoid. Jumping it might be enough to move a solenoid that is crapping out. Regular battery juice from your one battery might not be enough.

    Iono anything about Jeeps, but the solenoid can be on the starter itself or anywhere under the hood. If it's separate, it will have battery cables going to the battery, cables on the other side going to the starter.

    Try not to electrocute yourself.

    Be careful if you use the hammer or screwdriver method - people kill themselves like that.

    Also, use jackstands. I know you don't have to jack it up, but use them anyway, just to be on the safe side.

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    Check the cable connections to the battery.

    Sometimes they become a little deformed to match the shape of the old battery. Tightening them on a new battery means you have good contact at least two spots on the battery post, but it doesn't mean you have good contact with the entire post.

    Also, make sure the connectors are clean and make sure corrosion isn't working its way down inside the cables (the red positive cable would be the one most likely to be a problem).

    Replacing the connectors is a pretty cheap option if the old ones are damaged. IF the old cable has some excess length, cutting off a few inches can usually take care of the corrosion in the cable - otherwise you'd need to replace the entire cable (which is also a fairly cheap fix).

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    I have to wonder if your battery posts are clean. Buy a battery terminal brush, and clean the inside of your cable connections and the outside of the battery posts. Very unlikely to get two bad batts in a row.

    Check your battery cable connections-especially the ground attachment (from battery to engine).

    It COULD be your solenoid, but I doubt it. If you hear a rapid clicking noise when you turn the key, then your battery voltage is low and it needs to be adequately charged, OR your solenoid could be on its way out (doubt it).

    Only way the CB could be hurting anything is if you leave it on and it drains your battery overnight, but I doubt that could drain it overnight unless you were broadcasting all night.

    Source(s): I do my own work when I can, and that is where I would start.
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    If you have to jump a recently new battery then you have a draw of electricity some where, or you have some wires on the alt that are loose. that can cause the engine to just run off your batt and not your alt. it can drain your bat to a point your engine runs fine but you have no juice when you try to crank it up.

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    clean your battery connections and if that doesn't work you can try using a voltage meter to tell what other component of your jeep is continuing to draw power after it is off possibly a poorly wired newly added aftermarket radio or remote system?

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    Have someone tap on the starter when you are cranking it. Make sure it is in neutral though. tap with a hammer or a wrench. also emergency brake on. yu could also have a bad ignition switch.

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    Restate the question with more information. Is it hot when it won't re start or cold.....Not enough info. Does it crank???

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    Check to see if the the clamps that goes to the charges on the battery are on good. If they are then it's got to be your spark plug.

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    Better have the voltage output checked.Could be either of those is no good.

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