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How tall was Jane Austen? Does anyone know?

How tall was Jane Austen? I know she has been described as "tall and slender" but does anyone know more specifically how tall she was? Also, in her novels she has a lot of tall women as well as men. How tall do you think these women were? Was 5'7 considered tall back then, or 5'6, or 5'9? I'm doing a project on her for my class and I'd liek to know because I think height was an important factor for her. Thanks.

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    Jane Austen's brother, Henry, was considered tall and he was six feet. He talks about Jane Austen as being a little more than medium height. I would think that means she was probably around 5'7" (this is merely a guess since I don't know of any factual testimony to the exact height). That would be considered tall for a woman, so her female characters - like Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility - who were tall would probably be around that height. Since her brother was 6', I would think the characters - like Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice - who are considered tall would be around that height. Check

    Someone else may have some more detailed information, however. I did read her nephew's memoir of his Aunt Jane, and only recall that he called her tall and slender. (A quote of his about Jane Austen can be read at the latter site I gave you.)

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    i think....u shud write abt her work rather than her height.........check out might help u

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