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military ranks in america?

how do u earn it and what are they

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    First of all, Basic Training Private, At-Ease your hole. You know nothing about OpSec. The information being provided thus far can be found anywhere on the internet. Pretty much, if you learn it in basic, it poses no threat to national security. So get your cherry *** back to the drill pad and smoke yourself.

    Now, for the original post.

    Enlisted ranks are your common foot soldier, they are the movers and shakers, the ones that do the dirty work.

    Most branches have some type of board or test you must take in order to gain the next higher enlisted rank. The type of board/test is branch dependent.

    Officer ranks are the thinkers, they make the overall plan and tell everyone to execute it.

    They get promoted on merit and how well thier superiors feel they perform.

    The Warrant Officers are a rare breed, they are specialty officers that used to be Non-Comissioned Officers (NCOs) in their respective branches (E4 and higher for Marines, E5 and higher for all other branches) Their main concern is maintenance picking up anything the Officers might miss with their strategies. (Was what I have experienced) They are suppost to be technical experts in thier field.

    They get promoted on time in grade, merit, and how well thier superiors believe they perform.

    The following are the ranks of enlisted personnel in the Army (in the increasing order of authority):

    E1 - Private (PV1)

    E2 - Private (PV2)

    E3 - Private First Class (PFC)

    E4 - Corporal(CPL) or Specialist (SPC)

    E5 - Sergeant (SGT)

    E6 - Staff Sergeant (SSG)

    E7 - Sergeant First Class (SFC)

    E8 - Master Sergeant (MSG) orFirst Sergeant (1SG)

    E9 - Sergeant Major (SGM) or Command Sergeant Major (CSM) or Sgt. Major of the Army (SMA)

    The following are the ranks of enlisted personnel in the Air Force (in the increasing order of authority):

    E1 - Airman Basic (AB)

    E2 - Airman (AMN)

    E3 - Airman First Class (A1C)

    E4 - Senior Airman (SrA)

    E5 - Staff Sergeant (SSgt)

    E6 - Technical Sergeant (TSgt)

    E7 - Master Sergeant or First Sergeant

    E8 - Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt) or First Sergeant

    E9 - Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) or Command Chief Master Sergeant or Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMAF)

    The following are the ranks of enlisted personnel in the Navy/Coast Gaurd (in the increasing order of authority):

    E1 - Seaman Recruit (SR)

    E2 - Seaman Apprentice (SA)

    E3 - Seaman (SN)

    E4 - Petty Officer Third Class (PO3)

    E5 - Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)

    E6 - Petty Officer First Class (PO1)

    E7 - Chief Petty Officer (CPO)

    E8 - Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)

    E9 - Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO) or Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)

    The following are the ranks in the Marine Corps (in the increasing order of authority):

    E1 - Private (PVT)

    E2 - Private First Class (PFC)

    E3 - Lance Corporal(LCpl)

    E4 - Corporal (Cpl)

    E5 - Sergeant (Sgt)

    E6 - Staff Sergeant (SSgt)

    E7 - Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt)

    E8 - Master Sergeant (MSgt) or First Sergeant (1stSgt)

    E9 - Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGySgt) or Sergeant Major (SgtMaj) or Sgt. Major of the Marine Corp (SgtMajMC)

    Warrant Officers.

    The Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard us Warrant Officer ranks.

    Each service is the same as follows

    WO1 - Warrant Officer 1

    CW2 - Chief Warrant Officer 2

    CW3 - Chief Warrant Officer 3

    CW4 - Chief Warrant Officer 4

    CW5 - Chief Warrant Officer 5


    The Army, Marines, and Airforce all use the same Officer rank structure, it is as follows.

    O1 - 2nd Lieutenant (2LT)

    O2 - 1st Lieutenant (1LT)

    O3 - Captain (CPT)

    O4 - Major (MAJ)

    O5 - Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)

    O6 - Colonel (COL)

    O7 - Brigadier General (BG) 1 Star

    O8 - Major General (MG) 2 Stars

    O9 - Lieutenant General (LTG) 3 Stars

    O10 - General (GEN) 4 Stars

    An O10 in the Army can also be The Army Chief of Staff

    An O10 in the Marines can also be the Commandant of the Marine Corps

    An O10 in the Air Force can also be The Air Force Chief of Staff

    And at times of war the Army and Air Force can have a 5 Star General which is the General of the Army, and General of the Air Force respectively.

    Coast Guard and Navy Officer Ranks.

    O1 - Ensign (ENS)

    O2 - Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)

    O3 - Lieutenant (LT)

    O4 - Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)

    O5 - Commander (CDR)

    O6 - Captain (CAPT)

    O7 - Rear Admiral Lower Half (RADM (LH))

    O8 - Rear Admiral Upper Half (RADM (UH))

    O9 - Vice Admiral (VADM)

    O10 - Admiral (ADM) also Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of the Coast Guard

    The Navy also has a 5 Star rank during wartime which is the Fleet Admiral

    Im pretty sure I pretty much hit 'em all there.

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    Here goes for Marine Corps

    E-1 Private

    E-2 Private First Class

    E-3 Lance Corporal

    E-4 Corporal

    E-5 Sgt.

    E-6 Staff Sgt.

    E-7 Gunnery Sgt.

    E-8 Master Sgt. and 1st Sgts.

    E-9 Master Gunny. Srgt.

    E-10 Sgt Major

    then the SGT Major of the Marine Corps

    O-1 2nd Lt

    O-2 1st Lt.

    O-3 captain

    O-4 Major

    O-5 lt. Colonel

    0-6 Colonel

    O-7 Brigadier General

    O-8 Major General

    O-9 Lt. Gerneral

    O-10 General

    Warrant Officers

    W-1 warrant officer 1

    W-2 Chief warrant officer 2

    W-3 Chief warrant officer 3

    W-4 Chief warrant officer 4

    W-5 Chief warrant offcier 5


    Source(s): current 1st Lt. USMC
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    In the U.S. military, rank is earn thru time, competency, experience and how well of a leader you are. The people in the big offices basically looks who should be promoted base on the need of my military. Lucky for you if you join right now it'll be easier to gain rank thru time. After that its base on your superior and yourself. If you want to manage the enlisted then you will go the officer route and become an officer. Nowadays its done thru military academy, Officer Candidate School, and ROTC.

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    well you have rates and ranks. rates are the enlisted(people who did not go to college) ranging from e-1 to e-9. e for enlisted. whatever branch you are in you get the rate of e-1 out of basic unless you did jrotc in high school in which case you get e-2. then once you graduate and get your job, you can do things in order to get promoted but im not sure what you do to get them. then you do that for a long time until you decide either to retire as what you are or go to college.

    once you go to college you start getting ranks. when you get a certain amount of college hours you can go to ocs(officers candidate school) and when you graduate from there, you become and o-1. then you must do a whole lot and show a lot of exemplerary conduct in order to get promoted. and if you do become an officer the highest you can normally go is 0-5 or 0-6 because once you get higher that is when the political ranks are. cause like 0-7 and up are your highest ranking people who are mostly political figures and not many people are chosen to be anywhere near there. in all branches 0-10 is the highest rank and they are responsible for that entire branch of the military and are the ones who meet with the president and do battle strategies and stuff for war.

    that is basically military rank structure in a nutshell.

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    Try for a rank listing including insignia. Rank is earned through merit and years of service.

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    you know i may only be a low rank, but uhm isnt that something you were taught in training? dont go around telling the whole world the entire rank system? isnt that like telling the enemy how to identify the higher ranks and who they should take out? sure you can google it and maybe find some info on it, but why make it easy to find by posting it on yahoo?

    (and im not saying the guy who posted the question is a terrorist)

    Source(s): US Army Basic Training
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    They're all different. Airforce's first rank is airman, marines is pvt, army pvt, navy - i don't know, sailor or something. They're all different. You earn rank from time in, and if you do something to make yourself be recongnized

    Source(s): grandfather in airforce for 20 yrs joining usmc
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    army or navy or air force or Marine and the coast guard where to start and then there is the officers

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    It depends on your performance

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