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My mother is a patient at university hospital in Cincinnati,Ohio and about 2 months ago she had heart surgery.

Basically this is the problem she had open heart surgery about 2 months ago had 2 valves replaced and 1 repaired.2 weeks afterwards she was sent to a rehabilitation center/rest home to get rid of this "mystery infection which was making her condition worse".while in recovery there the dumb nurse gave her waaaaaaay too many blood thinners which turned her bowels black and her urine (this messed her up majorly!!).Afterwards she returned to the hospital for a short stay and then came home.while home she was on an iv and other medicines and wore oxygen at night.a week or 2 later she started having chest pains and was sent back to the hospital where she had another heart surgery (which we were unaware of & same procedure) but now she's worse!!! there was talk of the Dr not doing something right but nobody knows. should we get a lawyer and or a family advocate? I think so but I know nothing about any of this and I'm soooooo stressed and scared for my mother. Any advice would be helpful!!!!!!

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    First, I hope your mom continues to make a good recovery.

    Second, these are certainly not unusual complications. Taking blood thinners after this type of surgery is normal and the risk of internal bleeding (bowels turning black) needs to be balanced with not enough thinning of the blood (which can result in a deadly blood clot). The statement that the "nurse gave her way to many blood thinners" might be out of line. I would first examine:

    1. What were the actual physician's orders? Did the nurse follow those orders?

    2. When was the first clue that something was wrong? Did the nurse observe it and fail to report it?

    If the nurse did not follow the appropriate orders/protocol, then yes, he/she would be held responsible. If she followed the physicians instructions and reported any change in status to the physician, then we must either consider:

    A. Did the physician file an appropriate order?


    B. This might simply be a case of a statistical variance...meaning this was a normal risk for this type of surgery and unfortunately everything was done right, but your mom fell into that category of a bad reaction.

    I cannot comment on the second surgical procedure. I would highly doubt they would have redone the same procedure without your knowlege as it would have required another 3 day to a week in intensive care, and I'm sure you would have seen her in that time. Plus, they would have had to re-open the chest wall which is incredibly invasive (and I'm sure she'd be aware of that). Rather, it is probably more possible she might have gone for a cardiac caterization to look inside the blood vessles of the heart which is a minorly invasive procedure (through the groin) that looks at the blood vessles around the heart and usually only requires an overnight hospitalization or at the very most a couple days. This would be an entirely different problem than the original valve replacement procedure. the first was a procedure to fix the valves IN the heart and the second is to clear the blood vessles that FEED the heart.

    To talk to a lawyer might be premature, but I would start looking for some answers, namely:

    1. What was the procedure for administering the blood thinners?

    2. Was the procedure followed by both the doctor and the nurse?

    3. What was the second procedure done and why?

    I know it's hard to keep a straight head when it's your mom...but getting a lawyer isn't going to make her get any better faster. Yet, if you have concerns, I would ask for a family conference...administration included if you suspect any wrong doing.

    Source(s): I am a health care professional
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    Right now you need to worry about your mother and get off of thinking about a lawyer. They are there just for the money and if money is what concerns you most, then waste time with an attorney at this critical point.

    Fire everyone on the case that you don't trust but you must first hire someone you do trust. That will be hard... they don't like taking over someone else's patients.

    Go to the hospital's risk management department. It will give them a heads-up that the hospital may be at risk with your mother as a patient. They will watch her closer, but they are there to protect the hospital. Right now I think you want them watching every thing they do, even if they are concerned about themselves. They will remove "idiots" off the case, but not the doctors... that you have to do.

    If your mother doesn't make it have an autopsy done. They will do it for free, and then see an attorney.

    Mistify has the best answer.

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    Take your mother to one of the Hospitals In Columbus either Riverside which is a top notch heart hospital or Ohio State University Hospital which has a new heart center.

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    I was thinking for you to get a lawyer for the blood thinner. But after hearing the story I don't think any of them kno what their doing to your poor mother. They may be helping her or killing her . Heart surgery is a major thing. Talk to another physician and get a second opinion before you go accussing people of malpratice. But you'll probaly never kno till it's too late. Please contact a lawyer and get a second opinion.

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    Ma'am I would find a lawyer, when your mom

    makes it out of the hospital alive i would put her

    on some serious healing protocols, alternative

    medicine can do wonders on the human body..

    but until then SUE SUE SUE! Did you know

    thousands of people DIE each year from Iatrogenic

    (doctor/hospital-caused deaths?) you are in

    my prayers.


    Tonibear that was a sick , disrespectful answer!

    This person is having a real life tragedy, why dont

    you go take your own advice..!!

    Source(s): My surgeon almost killed me.
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    yes by all means get a lawyer and a family advocate.

    your mother could have died! behind all that mess.

    do not wait get right on it with this lawyer there is no time to was.

    theres some carelessness" taking place that shouldn't have even been made. I am sorry about your mother I do hope she will get better. you take care and pray to God he is for each and every one of us. if you ever want to e-mail me please feel free I would like to know how your mother is doing okay.

    God bless you and your family and may he bring your mother

    home safely. if you do e-mail me make sure you state that you are from the yahoo answering room okay.

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    Yes get a family advocate and start searching for a top notch attorney that deals with mal practice law suits NOW!

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  • Rose
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    For some reason, this scenario sounds familiar. Lord, I come to You now, asking that you be with the nephew, the mother, and this entire family. Show them mercy and love. I pray his child survives. All in accordance with Thy Will. In Jesus' Name, thank You, Father. Amen. † Comforting Prayer Warrior †

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    sounds like "Doctor dirty save one kill thirty" you should look into seeing another doctor and someone needs to take control of this and be there to ask the right questions, get a book on this subject ,learn about it, ask others about it ,be there all the time and ask the nurse and doctor questions, it not uncommon for nurse to do the wrong thing so keep an eye out for every one that's taking care of your mother, 1 out of 5 nurses get into trouble with the drugs they give at the hospitals, they like them to.

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    I had a mitral valve replacement 2 years ago, at the cleveland clinic. there ate EXCELLENT doctors there. I would have her see a new doc, bring her to cleveland if you can.

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