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Abercrombie Kids Store Questions?

How old are the people that model for Abercrombie Kids? They don't look like they're 7 - 14 years old, they look like they're 16 or something. And, how do they become models in such a young age?

Do models HAVE to be tall?

Is it hard to be an employee of an Abercrombie Kids Store?

Is there a good sweatshirt there without the word "Abercrombie" in it??


If they're not 7-14 years old, then why do they model clothes that are for 7-14 year olds?

How do you become an ABercrombie Kids model?

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    I know a abercrombie model and she is 16. I think that is ridiculous. Not only is she 16, but she is drop dead gorgeous. Abercrombie kids need to realize that not all kids are beautiful with perfect skin, hair, and body. Actually most of the kids who shop there aren't drop dead gorgeous. All kids are cute, but you are a freak if you are gorgeous. They become models at a young age becasue their parents force them. It is so sad to see youing girls being forced to model from such rude paretns who want their kids to make money. Not all midels have parents like these, though. Some kids really want to model and their parents are very supportive. seems that all models are very tall. I think that becasue usually when you are talll you arer very thin, and all models are thin. It is extremely hard to work at an Abercrombie kids store..There was a controversy that Abercrombie was only highering very pretty people. It was said that if you were over weight or even a different race that they woukd turn you down. this got out and now abercromie is not doing it, but still none of their employees weigh 350 pounds and have bad acne. All of their employees are pretty. Not saying that overweight, acne-face people are ugly at all. And yes how annoying right?? I am sick of seeing ABERCROMBIE written on everything they have. I don;t want everyone knowing where i got my clothes. I think they should realize that that isn't necessarily good advertisment.

    This is my opinion on Abercrombie. I love their clothes, but feel they should take a look at the real world.

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    okay, im a model and heres some info:

    to be a model you have to contact a local modeling agency, then audition and train for at least 6months. Once you are very experienced, your agency will hook you up with popular stores (Abercrombie, etc.) you dont have to be tall to do print, commerical modeling; however if you are seeking to be a runway model, you have to be tall. To be a model at such a young age, you must have much talent, and yes the models are in that age range. No about the sweatshirts, if you dont like the word Abercrombie, dont shop there!!


    a fellow abercrombie model xD

    Source(s): my modeling experience
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    Abercrombie children and Abercrombie and Fitch as 2 toallt one of a kind shops. Abercrombie and Fitch is for adults (better sizes) The children retailer is effectively known as Abercrombie.

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    yea but it will have a moose on it, it is not hard 2 get a job, you dont HAVE 2 be tall just hot and they are not 7-14

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    About the sweatshirt, they do have them without the name, but instead it'll probably have their logo, moose.

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