Opinions on Chase Bank?

I'm going to switch my main checking account from Washington Mutual to Chase Bank. What are your experiences with Chase? Positive? Negative? Please share.


Well, it's easier for me to get to Chase Bank. It's 2 blocks from where I live whereas it takes me 25 minutes to walk to the closest WAMU branch. Also, I figure it's time for a fesh start. Chase wil give me $100 to open a checking account. I don't know much about them as a bank. However, I used to have a Chase credit card that I paid in full and closed a few years back.

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    I have accounts with both WaMu and Chase. I prefer the WaMu account.

    The problem I have been having with Chase is that I will make a purchase using my debit card and it will show up on my online account immediately like it should. But then it will vanish for several days at a time and my balance will go back up like I never made the purchase. Then it will suddenly reappear.

    This has happened with every purchase I have made in the last 2 months and makes me uneasy that I may accidentally overdraw the account due to temporarily vanishing purchases. I'm starting to wonder if they do this intentionally so that they can get some overdraft fees????

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    I've never dealt with WaMu, but after 12 years with Chase, I recently moved my business over to Bank of America, which I love. I had problems with Chase over deposited checks no less than five times in twelve months, which is ridiculous.

    The first time, they straight up lost a $4,000 check I'd deposited and only notified me by mail, not phone or e-mail, even though they'd contacted me that way before. The mail notice gave me something like four weeks to have the company that paid me produce the cancelled check, but I was traveling and didn't get the notice in time, so they just took the money out of the account! This caused me to be severly overdrawn and cashless, but they couldn't have cared less. The company that paid me was great and jumped on getting me a copy of the cancelled check, but after receiving proof that they screwed up, it still too Chase three business days to give me back my funds. I spoke to several different people, and no one could have cared less that I was literally penniless because of their admitted error. Unacceptable.

    After that, there were four instances that deposits I'd make at an ATM would post, be available and then straight up disappear for at least one business day. Every time, they blamed it on the fact that I live in New York and there's a high volume of ATM transactions here -- but still.

    My vote is to either stick with WaMu or try Bank of America.

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    Changing banks is like moving to another deck chair on the Titanic as it's going down... you can do it, but why bother?

    They are all pretty much the same.

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