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I want to open a gym in our local area that stays open 24/7 because there isn't one. Can i get a grant?

Any kind of grant

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not for a gym

    It is hard to find grants to start a business. Unlike the myths that some perpetuate, federal government and even private foundations hardly give grant money for starting a for-profit business.

    One possible exception is for companies developing or exporting agricultural goods, including food and forest product. Another exception could be the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs , which fund the research and development of technological innovation that meets specific government needs.

    Your best bet actually will be from the states if they offer grant programs for women (or any other special interest groups -- minorities, women, disabled, veterans, etc). Or check with non profit organizations, particularly women organizations if they offer grants. Examples include

    Iowa Women's Foundation

    New Mexico Women's Foundation

    Even SBA does NOT give out grants. From the SBA website

    "The U.S. Small Business Administration does not offer grants to start or expand small businesses, although it does offer a wide variety of loan programs. (See for more information) While SBA does offer some grant programs, these are generally designed to expand and enhance organizations that provide small business management, technical, or financial assistance. These grants generally support non-profit organizations, intermediary lending institutions, and state and local governments."

    Nonetheless, you can go to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) and - these are two sites created by the federal government to provide transparency and information on grants. Browse through the listings and see if you can find any grant that would support a for-profit venture.

    Here is a listing of federal grants for small businesses. See if there is any available for individuals for starting a business -- THERE'S NONE.

    Most of the federal grants are given to specific target groups with specific requirements (e.g. minority business owners involved in transportation related contracts emanating from DOT - Grant#20.905 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Short Term Lending Program

    Grants are also often given to non profit groups or organizations involved in training or other similar activities (grant 59.043 Women's Business Ownership Assistance that are given to those who will create women's business center that will train women entrepreneurs

    For private grants, you may want to check the Foundation Center's Foundation Grants for Individuals Online . It's a subscription based website ($9.95 per month) but their opening blurb only says that the database is ideal for "students, artists, academic researchers, libraries and financial aid offices." Entrepreneurs are apparently not one of them, so I take it they also don't have listings of private foundations who give grants to would-be entrepreneurs.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I will agree that it would be a good idea for you to have a business plan. One reason is that there are a lot of competions out there for those that want to start their own business and the majority of them require that you submit a business plan.

    Lots of local areas have grant programs for those that want to start their own business - but you first have to see if there is such a program in your area which you can do by checking your own state's website.

    As far as grants go there are a number of ways that you can look at your specific case.

    You could start your gym and make it a combination of for-profit and non-profit - that way you will have the best of both worlds.

    The problem that I am seeing with your post is that you haven't mentioned how far you have gotten along in your plans. Do you have any kind of business plan in place?

    You are not just going to get grant money because you want to start something. You are going to have to have some kind of plan on paper because you are not just going to be given money. You will have to apply for it. And even before you apply for it you are going to have to know whether or not you are eligible to apply for it.

    Grant research is very hard work and a lot of people are turned off when they find out the amount of work that goes into finding a grant for themselves - so much so that they get frustrated and come to the conclusion that there are no grants out there. The truth of the matter is that just because you can't find the grant information doesn't mean that its not out there it just means that you haven't found it yet.


    Grant Basics 101

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  • Henry
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    There are no grants for a for profit business unless you are opening a daycare. If you need money, you will need to apply for a loan. No lender will talk to you unless you provide them with a valid business plan. Go to , or for sample business plans and instructions on how to write a business plan.

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