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Why as a American taxpayer continue to pay for the babies, schooling, county hospital taxes for illegal aliens

I am on retirement and a fixed income and can barely make my mortgage and would like to know why as a Viet Nam vet who served his country must support these freeloaders?

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    go complain to the democratic party... and while you're at it, don't forget to thank them for still having a pension

    the illegals had nothing to do with the real estate troubles... that was due to speculators

  • Sherry
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    4 years ago

    The U.S. should charge a 50% tax on all wire transfers made by non citizens who cannot prove they have a legal right to work in this country (green card) the government keeps feeding us this dog and pony show about how they are hard at work trying to come up with an immigration reform bill so that they dont actually have to DO anything about it....We do not need immigration reform, the laws are already there what we need is immigration enforcement!!!!! The republicans want them here so that they can make huge profits off of their labor....The democrats want them here as leverage over hispanic voters and to use them as a "victim" style voting base the way they use other minorities. OPEN your eyes the government is a HUUUGE employer of illegals!!!!! next time you drive by a road construction crew look around!!! And before you latinos start calling me a racist think about this....if you took all that passion and unity you recently showed in your protests and applied that to fixing your own country instead of trying to change ours you could accomplish so much that you wouldnt NEED to come here!!!!!! What really gets me is how we are criticized for wanting to do What the mexican govt does to their illegals. It is a felony to be in mexico illegally and they enforce the hell out thier southern border using the military. A recent episode of "heroes" even said it....2 hondurans are sneaking into mexico and they are told if they are caught they will be shot.

  • Snoot
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    1 decade ago

    The government turned a deaf ear to the influx of illegals. Illegals are given health care, food stamps, education at the expense of middle Americans. It's going to worse than better because their introducing more programs and yet the Democrats pork funds has been increased again. As an example of health care, I know receptionist who wonder how the illegals are able to get prenatal care, hospitalization, and post natal care. The program puts out billions of dollars out of our pockets. And, yet government does not listen to the people. We on retirement won't have that happy retirement if these shenanigans continue.

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    Thank you for fighting for this country. But why should any of us shoulder this burden? And freeloaders is an apt term but I prefer illegal aliens. Our government is supporting individual agendas instead of those that are good for American citizens. I can only say to vote for new officials and let your voice be heard by calling and emailing your state's officials and demanding a halt to this free ride the illegals are being given at our expense!

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are not the only viet vet OR American upset about the load illegals are placing on our economic situation.

    I read of emergency rooms closing due to abuse by illegals.

    Now there are politicians talking of giving social security to illegals. What the hell?

    Take heart, Arizona has just passed laws that will punish employers who have illegal aliens employed by them. It might spread to other states. No jobs, no incentive to invade America.

    I truly hope the Mexican people can change their country for the better and have the same economy we have. Then they wouldn't need to come her to have a decent standard of living.

    I DON'T want them to drag ours down to their level.

  • 6 years ago

    Because those babies under the law are American citizens

    The ones I see aren't freeloaders...they work hard for low pay, cash , no bennies and often get stuffed by employers--fine upstanding Americans taking advantage of them

    No, my family has been here since Revolution, I'm WASP, but I don't believe we as a country gain by trampling over the poor

    As a vet (thank you for your service) you have received bennies as thank you's from USA: GI bill, VA bill, medical care, SS, Medicare, etc

    Illegals get none of that, but if they're paid with w-2, they pay into the system

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    Think about it. Why do illegals come here? Jobs! If laws against hiring undocumented workers were enforced, there would be far less illegal aliens in the US and less drain on social services.

    Who benefit? Employers who illegally hire illegals. Illegal employers pay lower wages, do not offer health insurance, do not pay workers comp, health insurance, unemployment and other payroll taxes.

    The profits from hiring illegals end up in whose pockets? You guessed it. Goods produced by illegals are not any less expensive than goods produced by legal American workers.

    Who pays? We the US taxpayers. When an illegal immigrant gets hurt on the job, he is not covered by workers comp? The taxpayers end up paying his hospital and medical bills. If an illegal gets sick, he not covered by health insurance. If the employer lays him off - there is no unemployment to cover the gap between jobs.

    I am sick and tired of paying welfare to American business. Laws against hiring undocumented aliens must be strenghted and enforced.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's the fault of the Washington weasels!

    It is amazing that they they were clueless and surprised that Americans don't like the idea of amnesty. One problem with amnesty is that we will legally have to pay for these freeloaders!

  • 1 decade ago

    First I have to say I am sorry about the fixed income for a Vietnam Vet. I think the country should take way better care of our active and Veterans. However your statement is incorrect. Actually most of the people who are here illegally still pay taxes. A lot of them do so through fake social security numbers, They pay social security taxes but will never get that money. Plus they pay sales taxes, no one ever goes to Macys and doesn't pay taxes because they are here illegaly

  • Taz
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    1 decade ago

    We don't have a choice..

    They only thing that we can do is round up all of the illegals and ship them back to the countries that they came from.

    It is the federal government, that made this decision, not the Democrates or the Republicans but both. This has been going on for years.

  • JIM
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    1 decade ago

    It helps the small business contractors more than anybody else. They are protected and their friends in high places provide them with cut-rate workers and produce stuff like lettuce, hot dogs and baloney and a lot of other neat stuff. We have more stuff and can keep the ball rolling enough to support the troops in the war. the guys in the congress and white house know what is best for you. better get used to it because you will see no change after some senator or congressman is sitting in the oval office.

    business as usual. more cheap labor to make stuff to charge on your 30% interest credit cards. nothing gonna change in this generation. under their thumb and just cannot change that. best to shut it out of your mind. that is just good coping skills and good mental health. don't get frustrated and worry or you will have to have meds or liquor to cope. watch some football and buy, buy buy stuff.

    don't worry, be happy!

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