may termites be controlled with the use of orange oil?

If the answer is yes, in what form is the orange oil used and where might it be prchased?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think it is irresponsible to pass judgment of the use of orange oil for termite control. You need to have someone who is trained and certified to address termite problems.

    The risks of home cures for termites is just too great. You could end up with thousands of dollars of damage playing around with stuff that might do the job when a professional can take dead aim and eliminate or prevent the problem.

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  • 4 years ago

    Sure it can help, but you need to kill all the colonies, not just those that are easy to find, so structural fumigation wins. Orange oil (d-limonene) is a solvent (much like turpentine) which is extracted from citrus peel. You have probably used in to clean your shower. Injected into wood, it will damage the insect's waxy coating if it contacts the insects in sufficient quantities. It doesn't last, but evaporates away. Some companies and one California newspaper scribe, are promoting it heavily. Only useful for drywood termites, not subterranean termites nor probably dampwood termites. If you do want a 'spot treatment' option, then the borate systems provided by Nisus Corp are probably a surer bet since they provide an ongoing residue against re-infestation (which fumigation, obviously, can't).

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  • mark h
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    1 decade ago

    I agree with the above answer, Termities can cause serious grades of damage i would use atleast a acual Termite killer I know ortho makes a concentrate where you diliute it with water and spray it on to treat the area.Or call in the professionals I would not waste time on

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  • 1 decade ago

    using orange oil products in the house and beneficial nematodes outdoors are effective approaches Not only do nematodes control fleas better than chemicals, they also help control grub worms, fire ants, termites, thrips and other pests that spend time in the soil. Nematodes also are less expensive and give longer control.

    Doesn't matter what type of orange oil product you use. They all work great.

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