BAD head ach and throwing up...?

my sister (8) woke up today at 12:30 and came down stairs complaining about a head ache and how ever time she got up she felt like she was going to through up. i called our mom when she started throwing up and crying over her terrible head ache. i gave her some child's tylenol, and our moms on her way home from work(early) but what do you think could be wrong with her?

BTW i am 16 and limited to what i can do with in the house until my mom gets home.

she did have a friend over who had a cold and few days ago... but that was just a runny nose.

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    She could have a migraine. I get those and have gotten them since i was a kid. There is really nothing you can do but stay in a dark, very quiet place. Drink water, lay down. I know she is only 8 but caffeine really helps too. Try a coke of coffee. Also an ice pack on the back of her neck (lying on her back, have the ice pack under her neck) will REALLY help! If it gets worse, hospital or doctor!

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    Tylenol is ok, but dont give Asprin.

    Check her temperature if you can.

    Look for other symptoms such as stiff neck, high fever, or trouble breathing which may indicate the possibility of a more serious condition.

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