What age is it okay to start wearing makeup?

I am 13................ Is it okay to start wearing makeup? Or should I wait?

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    At 13 I would say that's okay to wear a little lip gloss, maybe some fingernail polish... but you shouldn't wear full makeup until you are 15 or 16. Even then the natural look is prettier and more attractive than tons of mascara and lipstick. When girls start wearing lots of making up when they are younger it makes them look like they are trying too hard to be to grown up, and makes them look kind of trashy. I wouldn't even ever wear any base makeup (foundation, cover up, etc.) unless you have gone through puberty and you need to cover up the occasional break out or pimple that happens when you are a teenager. The natural look is much better than overly made up fake look.

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    Well,firstly not any age should do soooo much make-up.

    i m just saying soooo much make up not completely no makeup.

    But since u r 13, it might be alright...but my cousin's experience didn't go very well.. when we both were 12 she started wearing make up and that was more than a 13yera old would do...i didn't! but i LOVE makeup now! but the effects of her staring to wear makeup early was that she had a more spotty skin later in her mid teens..i know that this is usual in teenage ages but she had alot more than i did....and i think it was becuase of makeup.

    But some ppl do have more spots....but then i started soing make up at 14 and now i have spotsjust like hers...i mean having spots is not bad but having spots because of loads of early age makeup is bad coz we can control that in a way....

    but u even cant stop the temptation...so using mascara(not water-proof) and a a coloured lip gloss would never harm u....i still do that after 4 years coz that never looks bad and u look naturally pretty!but remember to remove all ur makeup before u go to bed...that really helps....wash ur face with cold water when removing makeup...but i think the best age would around 16....

    Good Luck

    Hope i Helped!

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    I think it depends on how comfortable you are with wearing makeup. I started when I was 11 maybe 12 1/2. And also why, do you want to wear makeup? Do you want impress guys? Do you want make people like you more? Well trust me, wearing makeup doesn't do that. Especially if you don't know how to apply it right. Now if you want to enhance the beautiful features on your face, than go for it.

    Just maybe ask your mom or someone like that, on how to apply makeup. Sure, it's fun to experiment and I always say there's nothing wrong with a little experimentation, but it's also good in this case to know what you're doing. You don't wanna look like a clown? Do you?

    Pick one thing, one thing on your face you want everyone to notice. Maybe you have nice shaped lips, and you want to enhance that feature, or maybe you have nice bone structure and you want to highlight the cheek area, or maybe you have the most gorgeous pairs of eyes and you want to enhance their beauty so they look fierce.

    I say, talk to your mom about it. She might wanna know why you wear makeup, and if it's to "impress" anybody she most likely will say no. No mom wants to see their daughter try to be someone their not, for someone else when they're not even comfortable. But, maybe if you told her what I said, she might listen.

    Just keep it natural though. Maybe you can use dark eyeliner, and a little light eye shadow, and some mascara and that's all you really need. Except maybe a little gloss, but lip gloss never hurt anybody.

    I hope I helped, at least a little bit.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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    13 and a 1/2

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    Really your never too young, i started wearing makeup when i was three, thats only cause i had recitals. If your under 14, you should just wear some lip gloss, 14, Blush, 15, Eyeshadow, 16, Lipstick, 17, Mascara 18, Eyeliner. But before those ages when you just wanna see if you like it ask your mom to Take you to a make up store and find some pretty products to try out, Its really hard, You can get the lipstick on your teeth and the mascara under your eye, Blah. Ask your mom to teach you first then try doing it your self, when you get the hang of it start wearing it on special occasions. But dont wear too much make up at a time, it will look caked on. Some make up has codes on faces!

    Like these are examples-

    Lipgloss goes good with- Blush.

    Eyeshadow goes good with- Lipstick.

    Mascara goes good with- Eyeliner.

    Eyeliner affects the eyes though, the bright ones make your eyes bigger and the dark ones smaller. If your still going out and getting candy on halloween, ask if you can wear it on halloween. When putting on make up, ask your mom for a pretty color to go good with another, Like clear lipgloss will go good with a light, sparkley pink eyeshadow. Try mixing eye shadow colors! Just apply the first color, and apply over it. If you want to show each color half put together, half seperate, You Should apply it a little longer next to your eye, higher and lower each time, even straight out.

    To look like a mega rockstar just put on some black eyeshadow, take it a little bit away from your eye and spin it in a curl!

    Once you are done with the make up i recommend you get a cotton ball and put it in make up remover and rub it on right away. But lips i recommened a wet wash cloth. Mascara just get a washcloth and apply one part to the top and the bottom and rub back and forth to take off mascara. Eyeliner really close to the end of the top of the eye i recommened you just use your finger.You should start using make up when you are experienced, by a family member. But im sure you will, So Here are the best stores


    Bare Minerals



    Raw Minerals

    Remember, dont take it overboard and dont look caked on.

    Happy applying!


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    It's okay to wear makeup now Because my Sister was 12 when she started to wear makeup

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    I started wearing makeup when I was like ten which is a little weird but thirteen is a perfect age to start wearing makeup.

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    I think you should wait and just add light colors dont go for black yet saty with browns and light colors that blend in when you are 14 or 15 start wearing black or darker colors most guys dont like girls that wear al ot of makeup to cover up

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    I stated wearing makeup at 13, definitely have fun with it!

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